Chrome Plated Wire Shelving Available in Variety of Sizes

72″ W. x 24″ D. x 74″ H. Chrome Wire Shelving. New. 4 Shelves per Unit. Weight: 68 LBS. Part Number: WCS4-2472-74

NOTES: In stock, allow est. 5-7 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 125. FOB: Chicago, IL 60504 or La Palma, CA 90623


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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What sets this wire shelving apart from what you can buy in your local big box retailer? This wire shelving is available in a variety of different lengths, widths and heights to suit your specific needs. Therefore in many cases it doesn’t ship in a box but must ship on a pallet.

How can the highest quality chrome wire shelving be so CHEAP? We get our institutional grade NSF Approved chrome wire shelving units from China by the boatload and pass the savings onto you!

Our chrome wire shelving units and warehouse wire shelf carts were created to offer you attractive, high quality wire shelving at an affordable price. It’s popular in many industries, including food service, food distribution, medical supply, pharmaceutical, warehousing, institutional and food service – any industry that appreciates cleanliness, function and value.

Wire shelving is so versatile, you’re going to find dozens of uses for it. With such great prices, it’s certainly worth it to buy multiple chrome wire shelving units. It’s a great size and can really transform a space.

Our chrome display shelves are a great option if you need storage but don’t need to store pallets or inventory. It doesn’t need to be secured to a wall, so you don’t have to commit to one spot. Again, so versatile!

The design makes it easy to change out the contents quickly if necessary, while still securing items. It’s durable enough to store boxes, while also lightweight enough to move. You really can’t go wrong with wire shelving!

Chrome Wire Shelving Units have a clean contemporary look that is appreciated in home design décor. It can be used to store everything from books, boxes to parts. You can add optional casters to make it portable. We can arrange low cost shipping to your driveway or dock. It ships knocked down requiring easy installation.

Whether you use it for storage or display, our wire shelving offers many advantages over other types of shelving. Unlike our competitors, who sell an inferior painted finish, our warehouse wire shelving is available in the highest quality chrome plated finish. Both domestic and imported is available. Please call us at (800) 763-9020 for the lowest possible prices.

We realize you can cheap wire shelving in the big box stores – But you come to us for THE VARIETY OF DIFFERENT WIRE SHELVING SIZES you can’t find at the home centers! We also offer quality finishes such as chrome nickel plating and powder coat black wire shelving.

Chrome Wire Shelving Features & Benefits:
• NSF approved
• Shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2” increments
• Comes in a variety of heights depths and widths
• Sanitary and self-cleaning: Unlike solid shelves, dust and dirt doesn’t build up on our wire shelving
• Better visibility for inventory control: Light cascades through our wire grid shelves, to better illuminate your product
• Comes standard with an attractive chrome plated finish which is durable and long lasting
• We can also supply black wire shelving
• Optional casters can be added to the bottom of the posts to allow you to roll it around

Popular Warehouse Wire Shelving Bill of Material:

  • 36″ W. x 24″ D. x 74″ H. Chrome Wire Shelving. New. 4 Shelves per Unit. Weight: 48 LBS. Part Number: WCS4-2436-74
  • 60″ W. x 24″ D. x 74″ H. Chrome Wire Shelving. New. 4 Shelves per Unit. Weight: 68 LBS. Part Number: WCS4-2460-74
  • 72″ W. x 24″ D. x 74″ H. Chrome Wire Shelving. New. 4 Shelves per Unit. Weight: 85 LBS. Part Number: WCS4-2472-74
  • 36″ x 24″ Extra Shelf. New. Weight: 14 LBS. Part Number: 205-CS2436
  • 72″ x 24″ Extra Shelf. New. Weight: 18 LBS. Part Number: 205-CS2472