#1. Roll Out Pallet Rack Shelf – We know storage density and efficiency are constant challenges in the warehouse. Not only do roll out pallet rack shelves allow for efficient storage and easy access, they also increase pick times.

If you’re working with perishable items, roll out pallet rack shelves are a must have. Not only do they make it easy to quickly retrieve inventory, they make it to easy to assess your inventory – no forklift needed! Grab and go!

#2. Flue Space Protectors / Pallet Load Stops – Flue space protectors aren’t just a need – they’re now a requirement by many Fire Marshalls. Flue space protectors create an acceptable distance between pallets to allow for air flow and for sprinkler penetration in the event of a fire. Even if they aren’t required in your area, we highly recommend flue space protectors.

In addition to improving fire safety, flue space protectors keep pallets from falling off behind the racks and potentially causing injury.

#3. Heavy Duty Bar Grate Pallet Rack Decking – If you’re tired of replacing your pallet rack decking, you’ll be thrilled with heavy duty grate pallet rack decking. When storing heavy materials, you need a decking system that can stand up to the job. This is our heaviest duty option, so it’s ideal for storing dyes, molds and point loads in the middle of the shelf.

You can also store containers with feet with heavy duty bar grate pallet decking. Although these heavy duty warehousing products are more expensive than traditional wire decking, you’ll end up saving money in the long run because heavy duty bar grate pallet rack decking is the most durable decking on the market.

#4. Wire Dividers for Wire Decking – Wire dividers for wire decking are the answer to your organization challenges. If you’re storing many different SKUs and are having a hard time keeping them straight, wire dividers for wire decking are for you!

They make it easy to organize within the racking system. Keep everything in place, and watch your efficiency increase while your pick times decrease. Hanging (great for tall shelves!) and snap-in options are available. The dividers are custom made to match your shelf height.

#5. Staggered Wheel Carton Flow Beds – Who doesn’t want to a faster way to move inventory? Staggered wheel carton flow beds make it easy to quickly move cases, cartons, boxes and totes. The wheels make unloading by hand a breeze (yes, it’s possible!). These beds are frequently placed on the lower and most frequented shelves.

#6. WorldRam Rubber Post Protectors – If you have a pallet racking system, you need WorldRam Rubber Post Protectors. Post protection is one of the most important things you can do to improve safety in the warehouse. Damaged uprights can lead to rack failure and rack collapse.

These particular post protectors are made of heavy duty rubber and steel, which absorb the shock from forklifts on both the sides and front of the posts. This combination makes these post protectors last much longer than traditional steel protectors.

If you purchase one accessory from your warehouse equipment checklist, it needs to be this!

#7. Guard Rail Protect yourself, your staff and your equipment with guard rails. Guard rails provide a highly visible and durable barrier to an area. They can restrict access to dangerous areas or access to dangerous equipment. Guard rails can also be used to protect your racking system from forklift damage. They act as a bumper around the posts to keep forklifts from getting too close.

Guard rails allow you to enclose an area in your existing space without bringing in a construction crew. If you have an area you need to restrict, you need to invest in guard rails. They’re made of steel, so they’ll help increase safety in your warehouse for years to come. We now stock Guard Rail in 5 locations across the US.

#8. Driver / Building Access Cages – Everyone in the warehouse industry has a need for driver/building access cages. These cages will increase your safety, security and organization in the warehouse. Made of mesh wire, they’re durable, versatile and give you the visibility you need in the warehouse.

These are frequently placed at entrances or loading docks, and they provide a barrier to entry. This keeps everyone safe. The cages prevent people from unknowingly walking into an area where heavy machinery is in use. In turn, it also keeps unwanted or unauthorized visitors out. In today’s world, we cannot stress the importance of securing your warehouse from pilfering and violence enough.

Bonus benefits include a place for employees to do paperwork that is off the warehouse floor. These cages also serve as emergency exits. Your only regret will be that you didn’t get one sooner.

#9. Carpet / Pad Racks – Carpet and carpet pad storage can be much more efficient with the use of carpet pad racks. By storing up in a carpet pad rack, you free up your floor space. You’ll get floor space and time back. Carpet pad racks make it easy to see what you’re storing, so you can quickly assess your inventory and retrieve it as necessary.

Carpet pad racks also improve safety because they can be accessed with a forklift instead of moved by staff members. This reduces injury and keeps the floor clear and eliminates a tripping hazard.

Did we mention they’re stackable and collapsible? You’ll wonder why you waited so long to add a carpet pad rack to your operation.

#10. Window and Door Stack Racks – Storing doors and windows is hard enough. Transporting them poses another set of challenges. Working with fragile but heavy materials, like doors and windows, calls for a specialty storage system.

Window and door stack racks are the solution to safely storing and transporting doors and windows. They provide support but don’t create pressure against the doors or windows, which prevents them from breaking. You’re able to store and transport the windows and doors in an upright position, which keeps them from becoming damaged from being stacked on top of each other.

These are a must have if you work with fragile materials!

#11. Coil Racks – Storing and handling coil is cumbersome. It’s heavy and takes up tons of valuable floor space. Coil racks will completely transform your space and improve safety. Coil racks allow you store up, which keep coils organized and off the floor. They also make it much easier and safer to access coils because can they be retrieved with a forklift, instead of staff risking injuring themselves.

As you can see, coil racks clear up floor space and dramatically increase storage density in the warehouse.

#12. Automotive Racks & Bins – Stackable, collapsible, durable, flexible…we can’t say enough good things about automotive racks and bins. You don’t have to be in the automotive industry to get the benefit of these warehousing products. We have a large variety, so you can choose which products work best for you.

If you work with parts, bins are going to be the best way to keep them organized. Keep your products off the floor and secured in automotive bins. These bins are made from metal, so they can handle even heavy parts. Bins also keep products from being damaged in storage and in transit.

Automotive racks are great for storing large parts, like engines or motors. They are specifically designed to stand up to and store heavy duty products. We have stackable, collapsible and shipping racks, so you can adjust them to meet your ever changing needs.

We’ve been in the warehouse industry for more than 30 years. We know what our customers need to keep their operations running smoothly. We’d be happy to help you with your warehouse equipment checklist. Please give us a call at 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert or get a quote.