Portable Stackable Carpet Roll Pad Storage Racks

70″ x 70″ x 78″ H. (68″ Inside Usable Height) Carpet Pad Rack. New. 2000 lbs. Capacity. Stackable 4 high. Color: Orange. NOTES: INCLUDES FORK GUIDES ON ALL FOUR SIDES. (2) REMOVABLE SIDE FRAMES ON OPPOSITE 70″ SIDES. Part Number: 707078CPSR

NOTES: Est. Ship Date: 7 weeks. FOB: Rome, GA 30161

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC offers carpet pad racks designed to store carpet padding rolls, carpet pads or rolls of padding. Pad Racks are portable, stackable and when not in use can be collapsible. A pad rack had removable corner stacking posts in a set of 4 pieces. The corners posts safely support the sides of your carpet rolls thus reducing product damage.

Carpet Pad Racks allows you to more efficiently handle and store your carpet pad rolls. Pad stacking racks maximize valuable floor space in your warehouse by allowing you to better utilize the clear ceiling height of your building. Stack racks allow you to free up valuable floor space in your building.

Our carpet pad roll racks utilize air space to conserve floor space. Imagine how nice your facility will look if you can get all of the loose items off the floor and into portable pad racks. Stack racks are ideal for seasonal applications because they can be disassembled or knocked down (KD) to save space when not in use.

Carpet pad racks are typically used to store carpet rolls, carpet pads and other rolled goods. They help prevent damage that is associated with bulk stacking of product. Pad racks will help protect your product while in transit and storage. We stock standard sizes of portable pad racks but we specialize in proving custom racks designed to fit your requirements.