Are you wondering where to buy industrial safety guard rails? We now stock guard rail from 5 locations around the USA! We are happy to ship our guard rails for sale from: Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, Philadelphia, PA and Savannah, GA.

If you work in a warehouse environment, guard rails are crucial to the safety of your operation. Guard rails are an important addition to the warehouse for several reasons:

They provide a highly visible barrier. Guard rails – painted safety yellow – send a clear message that this area is off limits. Guard rails can be used to section off dangerous areas or equipment.

Guard rails act as a buffer. Not only do guard rails restrict areas, they provide a buffer between heavy machinery and your racking system or specialty equipment. Guard rails can be used at the end of aisles of your racking system to keep your forklift a safe distance from your rack posts.

They protect your assets. In addition to protecting your staff, guard rails protect your machinery and equipment by restricting access. Your machinery is an investment, so protecting it properly also protects your bottom line. Industrial safety guard rails also keep unauthorized users away from machinery, which helps prevent accidents.

Guard rails improve the safety of your existing space. You need to have designated safety areas in your warehouse, but you only have so much space. Guard rails are easy to install and make it easy to enhance your existing space without hiring a construction crew. Guard rails save time, space and money!

Choose from a number of different sizes and configurations for the application that’s right for you:

Our customers frequently order 120, 96 and 72. We do have 60 available, and we sell a lot of double Tier. In addition to ordering “S” standard guards, you can supplement aisle protection with corner and flush mounts.

18” single rails are perfect for end-of-the aisle protection from forklifts. When ordering, keep in mind the thickness of your floor and order ¾” x 4-1/4”. And don’t forget four anchors per post.

We see a lot of customers buying 42” height, 96” inch length. Singles in 48” are ideal for end-of-the aisle protection.

Please keep in mind our guard rail is not interchangeable with other brands. We highly recommend adding a guard rail to your operation to increase security. Our multiple stocking locations throughout the country make it easy for you to get what you need when you need it. We ship best way prepaid to get you your rack guard as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you maximize warehouse security with guard rails.


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