Aluminum Hydro Grow Planting Table

48″D x 35 1/2″H x 96″L Aluminum Hydro Grow Tables / Watering Tables. New. Open Top Design. Includes Casters. Tray not included. Part Number: 52100

24″D x 35 1/2″H x 48″L Aluminum Hydro Grow Tables/ Watering Tables. New. Open Top Design. Includes Casters. Tray not included. Part Number: 52513


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Hydroponics is the most efficient and cost effective way to grow. Hydroponic Tables are essential to hydroponic growing operations.

Hydro Grow Tables are made of aluminum and can easily be wheeled from location to location without disrupting your plants. Aluminum growing tables are used in conjunction with reservoirs and trays to keep plants well watered.

Aluminum Growing Tables help keep you from wasting water by keeping the area from overflowing and saturating the plants. Water is actually recycled and reused, and it’s done automatically. Talk about a huge time saver! Not only will you save money on water, you’ll also save yourself the headache (and expense!) of a ruined batch.

The open top is ideal for plants that grow at different speeds and are different heights. The frame of the hydroponic table is adjustable, so it can be used at multiple heights, depending on your needs.

Because the table is made of aluminum, it will never rust or corrode. You’ll be using it for years to come!

Grow Tables knock down easily for efficient shipping. They’re also easy to install – we’re talking just a few minutes with a Allen Wrench, which is provided!

While Hydro Grow Tables may seem expensive up front, you will quickly find they are well worth the investment. This growing method will yield more than any other option. Hydroponic-grown plants grow twice as fast as other methods, so you can expect to see a return on your investment pretty quickly. This also means you can grow more in less time. If you’re in the growing business, do yourself a favor and invest in hydro growth tables. Check out the rest of our Marijuana & Cannabis Growing Equipment at Warehouse Rack and Shelf.


Aluminum Hydro Grow Table Features:

-Easy installation

-Heavy duty materials

-Can be used with almost all reservoirs and trays (sold separately)

-Adjustable aluminum frame that will not rust or corrode

-Helps save money on water usage