Mechanical Dock Leveler

6′ W. x 8′-4″ L Mechanical Dock Leveler. New. 20,000 LBS capacity. Pull chain operation. (8′-4″ overall length with lip). Color: Brown. Weight: 2144 LBS. Part Number: RR-68

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Freight estimate assumes Dock-to-Dock transit). Freight Class 60. FOB: IN 46703

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If you load and unload a high volume of trucks each day than you should invest in a mechanical hydraulic dock leveler!

Mechanical dock levels are designed to fit in a pit that is cut out of your dock. Once they are installed they allow you to efficiently and safely load and unload trailers. Instead of having to get your forklift and move your dock board you simply pull on the chain and the mechanical dock leveler rises up and into the trailer.

If you only load or unload a few trailers a week you should consider an edge of dock leveler but if you load and unload trailers every day than you really need a dock leveler. Mechanical dock levelers are the most common and affordable dock levelers available. That is why you will find them in almost every warehouse and distribution center.

Mechanical dock levelers are designed for minimal maintenance. They are built rugged to last many years in harsh conditions. Mechanical hydraulic dock levelers are easy to operate. Simply pull the chain and go saving valuable time.

The key to making money in the warehouse and distribution business is getting material in and out of the door. Nothing will increase the speed of loading and unloading trucks more than a mechanical hydraulic dock leveler. It will allow you to safely and efficiently load and unload trailers.

Additional Information

Weight2144 lbs
Dimensions72 × 100 × 48 in