Pallet Wrapz Reusable Stretch Wrap 4Here we are again, The Warehouse Blog is bringing you the latest greatest product innovations for warehouses and distributions centers. And this one is a doozy! Drum roll please…Without further ado I would like to introduce Pallet Wrapz reusable stretch wrap.

Stretch wrap has been with us as a packaging and shipping mainstay for a long time. It often serves its purpose to keep pallets secure but it can be costly, it takes  a lot of time and it generates a considerable amount of waste. Until now there has been no viable stretch film alternative.


Why Reusable Pallet Wrap?

This is a concept whose time has come. After a substantial  amount of research and testing,  there finally is a cost-effective alternative. Will it eliminate ALL stretch wrap? The answer is, no. There are circumstances where stretch wrapping is still the most common-sense procedure. But in many situations, using reusable warehouse pallet wrap makes compelling sense. The following are a couple of scenarios that might fit you…

Closed-Loop Deliveries- If your trucks deliver to customers and return to the point of origin, reusable warehouse pallet wrap makes compelling economic sense.

Internal Pallet Shifting – If you move pallets internally in the warehouse and have to break  down and/or rewrap them  due to less -than-pallet customer shipments, reusable pallet wrap can save you money and time.


The True Cost of Stretch Wrap


  • Purchasing– Buying those stretch-wrap rolls can really add up. How much do you go through?
  • Labor– Shrink wrapping pallets is time intensive and you would be surprised how much effort it takes from your precious workforce over the course of the year
  • Employee Safety– Shrink wrapping can result in back injuries over time, which can be a hidden cost and cause for concern. No need for sharp razor knives.
  • Waste- A not-so-hidden cost is disposal. Those basketball-sized balls of stretch wrap add up fast, contributing to landfills and detracting from your bottom line, even if they can be recycled.


Reusable Pallet Wrap- A Few Facts


  • Compelling  ROI- in many circumstances the return on investment can be less than a year. How many investments can make that claim?
  • Astounding Durability- Reusable warehouse pallet wrap  can retain its structural integrity for 1,000 uses or more
  • Easy On- Easy Off-  You can wrap a pallet in only about 40 seconds and unwrap one in about 20 seconds. Think about how much time you can save over conventional shrink wrap. If you are not sure, time it.
  • Green Solution- If you are concerned about the environment, reusable wrap will make  your carbon footprint considerably smaller.