mega-stack-rapistak-stacker-lgHeavy duty coil racks are the answer if the question is “how do I store 40,000 LBS steel master coils densely and efficiently?” Industrial coil racking clears up floor space, offering you more production space.  

Standard coil rack is designed to store pup coils that weigh 10,000 – 15,000 LBS each stackable 3-4 high. Coil rack can be specially designed to store steel master coils that weigh up to 40,000 LBS. Our industrial coil racking is constructed of structural steel C-channel beams that are boxed to create super heavy duty welded steel structures with nut & bolt connections.

We only know of only one factory in the Midwest that manufactures such heavy duty storage racks. You can be assured that these custom racks are designed by an engineer at the factory. They are designed to support extremely heavy loads.

Light to medium duty coil racks are usually load with a forklift that has a forklift attachment called a coil ram. Sometimes the coils are loaded and unloaded with the use of an overhead crane that has a hook lifting device. Super heavy duty coil racks are designed to be loaded with use of Mega-Stack high Capacity Stacker Cranes.

*Heavy duty coil rack is not designed for storing narrow slit coils. Before purchasing coil rack check to make sure your concrete floor thickness is sufficient to support the storage of 40,000 LBS steel master coils. Always consult with Professional Engineer and your Local Building Officials when purchasing coil racks.

Rapistack High Capacity Stacker Crane 2