Warehouse racks can serve a variety of needs, no matter the size of your warehouse. Warehouse racks are the ideal storage solution for everything from tires to coils to carpet pads. Although our racks are used across a variety of industries, the quality always remains the same across the board. Regardless of which rack you choose, you’ll be maximizing every inch of your valuable floor space. Check out some of our most popular types of warehouse racking options!


Coil racks: These types of storage racks allow steel and metal fabricators and distributors to maximize floor space. The front and back beams are the designed to support the weight of the coil. We can design a coil rack to meet your needs. Give us a call at 1-800-763-9020 to discuss your coil storage needs.







Pallet racks: Pallet racks are ideal for warehouses and distributions centers. You’ll clear your aisle and increase your floor space with a pallet rack. We offer six types of pallet racks, so you’re sure to find what you need. Find out more about choosing the right pallet rack for you here.








Carpet racks: The double-deep selective pallet rack does double duty by optimizing space and time. Our racks use solid wood or corrugated steel, so you’re able to easily move materials on and off the shelves. Store and move your carpet rolls, vinyl rolls and other flooring materials with ease!

Carpet Racks







Lumber Rack: This rack is used for storing lumber and plywood. You may recognize these types of storage racks from the lumber department at your favorite home center. They are ideal for storing lumber because they give you full access to the front of the rack. There are no upright posts in the front of the rack so they give you the ability to store items of varying length.

Lumber Rack







Tire racks/ Stack racks: You’re able to store thousands of tires at a time with this option. These warehouse racks can be disassembled, so you’re able to use them as shipping racks. Did you know you can also stack these to maximize your floor space? Say goodbye to tiresome storage options with the stackable tire rack!

Tire Racks Stack Racks







Retail storage racks: We understand visibility is essential when you’re displaying your merchandise to customers. We offer a variety of open shelving options that allow you to display your merchandise and save floor space. We have shelving options for everything from wine bottles to wood planks. Don’t forget we also have shelving options to revolutionize your back-room storage.

Retail Store Racks







Roll-out shelf racks / Die racks: The safe and efficient way to store tools and dies. Roll out shelves extend out 100% for full access while handling 2,000 LBS capacity per shelf. Allowing you to densely store dies while clearing up valuable floor space. Modular die racks can be added on to in the future. Offered in a variety of popular lengths, widths and heights.







Bar racks: These vertical bar racks are ideal for storing steel bars, tubing, pipe and other items of varying length. They help you organize your material while keeping it close to work areas to increase efficiency. Bar racks are offered in both vertical and horizontal units. We also offer 15-opening and 66-opening horizontal bar storage racks.








Sheet racks: Sheet racks are a must-have storage solution when you’re working with sheet materials. You’re able to quickly find what you’re looking for with sheet racks. We offer vertical and horizontal sheet racks so you’re sure to find an option that works for your storage needs. Consider using the variable height sheet rack to store materials of different sizes.








Start maximizing your storage efficiency and contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your warehouse storage needs with you. Please give us a call at 1-800-763-9020 or send us an email at sales@rackandshelf.com.