Stackable Tire Racks

60” wide O.D. x 60” Long O.D. x 69.8” Overall height Stackable Tire Rack. New. (44.5” wide I.D. x 44.5” long I.D. x 60” clear ht.) Design 3, Style B-5 Base. Four way entry. 2,500 lbs. capacity per rack. Collapsible. Stackable 4 high. 9” h. corner pocket / socket. 6” target on posts. No plywood deck. Removable corner stacking posts in set of 4 pieces. Blue powder coat finish. Weight: 138 LBS. Part Number: SR-60660-B5-2000

NOTES: Stack Rack for Sale. Est. Lead Time: 6 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid and add. Ships Freight Class 65. FOB: St. Louis, MO 63120

Stackable Warehouse Tire Racks offer the GREATEST density and handling efficiency! The tire racks for sale can be knocked down when not in use or for return shipments!

If you have thousands of tires that need to be stored densely ask for stackable warehouse tire racks. These tire racks for sale are the #1 choice of tire manufacturer and distributors. If you want selectivity, you need our fixed stacking tire racks.

Stacking tire racks also provide density and efficiency. If I pull back the curtain you’ll find that stackable warehouse tire racks are merely stack racks used for the specific purpose of storing tires, stacked on their sides. To be specific it’s a 60″ w. x 60″ d. x 60″ h. stack rack that consists of two components: stackable base and 4 removable corners posts. These stackable tire racks for sale are generally used by large tire manufacturers and distributors for large scale tire storage in warehouses or distributions centers.

Tire stack are flexible storage racks. These stacking tire racks for sale can be disassembled when not in use. That’s why they make great shipping racks. They can be used to transport tires in trailers. All of our tire racks for sale can be disassembled for return shipments or when not in use. Stack racks used as tire racks can be stacked 4-5 racks high allowing you to better utilize the cubic space of your warehouse.

Typical Tire Size and Classification:
• 29” diameter Standard Car Tire
• 33” diameter Light Truck Tire
• 35”-37” diameter Large Truck Tire
• 40” diameter Semi Truck Tire

Popular Stackable Tire Rack Sizes Include:
• 60” x 60” x 70” overall / 60” useable height (Most popular size, for car tires)
• 72” x 72” x 70” overall / 60” useable height
• 80” x 80” x 70” overall / 60” useable height
• 48” x 84” x 70” overall / 60” useable height with frame across the top

Stacking Tire Rack Features and Benefits:
• Most common size: 60” wide x 60” deep x 60” clear height (for car tires)
• 3,000 LBS capacity. Stackable 4 high.
• Decking options include B-5 Base, B-2 Base with 2” x 2” wire mesh or ½” CDX plywood.
• Metal and wire decking is compliant with fire codes. Increases flow through for sprinklers while giving the tires extra support.