Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI located on the Grand River just east of Lake Michigan is known as “Furniture City” because it is a leader in furniture production. It also is located near some of nations most fertile forests and lakes. It also provides many sports and recreational opportunities including hunting and fishing. The natural beauty of Western Michigan is remarkable.

Grand Rapids offers the big city excitement with a small town feel. Grand Rapids has many fun things to do for tourists. Lots of museums and art galleries. It is also a great place to get a frosty cold beer as it is known as “Beer City”. Grand Rapids is also home to the Gerald R. Ford presidential museum which houses the former presidents Eagle Scout memorabilia and college football uniform.

Grand Rapids has also made its mark on the automobile industry. The sector remains important to the states gross product. The entire state of Michigan leads the county in manufacturing of motor vehicles, parts, fabricated metal parts and machinery. Add to it the growing segment of electric vehicles. The state of Michigan and in particularly Grand Rapids has a very skilled workforce that has decades of experience in automotive manufacturing.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf is proud to offer manufacturing in Grand Rapids, Mi for many of our automotive racks and containers. Our close proximity to key manufacturers and distributors helps reduce lead times and shipping cost. You can count on us to provide high quality, affordable automotive returnable shipping racks, heavy duty rigid wire bins and steel containers that are relied upon to store and transport automotive parts from Tier 1 to Tier 2 suppliers.

The industrial supply Grand Rapids factory in Michigan manufactures the following products:

Ford SMF1- SMF10 Rigid Steel Bins

Ford ZE-13 & ZE-21 Rigid Wire Bins

GM-5131 Rigid Wire Bins

GM Rigid Steel Containers

Chrysler Rigid Steel Containers

Chrysler CC-71, CS-120 & CS-125 Collapsible Steel Bins

BMW Rigid Steel Bins

Rigid Sheet Metal Bins

Steel Foundry Tubs

Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers

New & Refurbished Wood Pallets

Returnable Shipping Racks

Bag Racks for Injection Molded Parts

Engine Racks

Assembly Line Racks

Work in Progress WIP Racks