New requirements are being rolled out across the county that require acceptable flue space be maintained between back to back rows of pallet rack.

Typically a 6” flue space is required between pallets to maintain acceptable flue space between pallets. This flue space allows for proper air flow and proper disbursement of water from overhead sprinklers in the event of a fire.

Flue space protectors also prevent forklift drivers from putting products too far back on the pallet rack. This keeps inventory from falling off the back of the rack and causing accidents and damaging products. We can’t stress the importance of them enough!

We have a couple of products to help you keep meet the requirements for acceptable flue space and create a safer workhouse.

Our hottest sellers include the WorldStop Single and Double Pallet Safety Stops. The single pallet safety stop has a 3″ offset and is meant to be used with a single row applications. They have superior strength because they’re double walled and gusseted.

The double pallet is used to keep a consistent flue space for back to back rows. They keep a fixed 6″ (or more) distance between pallets. They’re also a superior choice!

pallet safety stop

The installation is easy! It’s secured with four pre-punched and counter sunk holes, and Tek screws are included. Pallet stops for racking available for new rack installations as well as retrofits, so there’s no reason not to be up to code.

We have several other options for flue space protection products. We have flue space shelf dividers for pallet racks, fluekeeper pallet rack flue space protectors, and pallet load stop beams.

Our flue space protector products are designed to meet International Building Code 2012 (IBC 2012) and NFPA13 where applicable, and in many cases satisfies insurance companies guidelines and local building inspector criteria (may be required by International Fire Code 2012 Edition)

We’d love to help you choose the best flue space protection products! Talk with one of our experts today!