Pallet racks work hard and take a beating, so it’s important to make sure you have the proper protection to extend the life of your rack and keep your staff safe!

We put together some of the most popular pallet rack protection products.

Rack Reinforcements are just as good as they sound. They’re added on uprights to provide extra bracing and stability. They help to improve strength and reduce the chance of your rack buckling on impact. In fact, they give the rack 2 1/2 more times more impact resistance. This is especially important when you think about how much damage a forklift can do over time. Rack reinforcements can be added during production so you don’t have to lose any time!

Post Protectors are a must-have for rack protection. When your posts are left unprotected, your rack is vulnerable to rack failure. Overtime, repeated bumps and impacts can cause wear and tear on your racks. We have tons of different styles of post protectors, but no matter which you chose, they all help extend the life of your rack. Typically, they’re bolted to the floor, and they protect the areas most vulnerable to damage. Post protectors are an inexpensive way to save yourself a big bill and a lot of damage.

End of Aisle Protectors are another essential when it comes to protecting your pallet rack. The end of the aisle is a heavily trafficked area, and the risk of damage is high. End of aisle protectors are typically bolted to the floor for extra security. They save you time down the line by preventing you from having to repair a whole rack.

Guide Rails / Rub Rails help keep your forklifts a safe distance from your pallet rack. They’re laid on the floor around the rack and provide a buffer, which prevents accidents and impact. They can be used for a number of areas, but they’re especially effective for pallet rack protection!

Guard Rails are another safety product that can be used a number of ways but are an excellent option for protecting your pallet rack. They’re a taller option than guide or rub rails so they provide even more protection. They’re a sturdy and durable option that provide a barrier without the price tag of a construction crew.

We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your pallet racks! One of our experts would be happy to walk through your options. Give us a call at 1-800-763-9020 or send us a message!