It’s no secret that earthquakes can have devastating effects. The damage in the warehouse can be catastrophic and can result in rack failure. This is not only extremely dangerous for anyone who might be around, but it can also result in damaged inventory and cost you thousands in damages and down time.

Many municipalities are rolling out new requirements that require pallet rack meet seismic codes. Don’t be caught unprepared! Seismic codes and requirements are nothing to mess around with, but that doesn’t mean you need to be intimidated. In fact running seismic precalcs on pallet racks is as easy as 1,2,3…

1. We need zip code of where rack is being installed

2. We need to know number of beam levels and where they are spaced in relation to the floor

3. We need to know average amount of weight being stored on each beam level

Seismic Precalcs are the first step in insuring that the rack we quote will meet the seismic codes in your area. We are able to provide these seismic precalcs for free with your pallet rack quote, so there’s no reason not to get started!

It’s also important for us to know how many beam levels you have, where they are in relation to the floor, and how much weight is stored on each level. This helps us determine weight distribution throughout your rack and accurately meet you needs.

If you decide to order the rack, the next step is paying for PE stamped Calculations that will be required to pull permits. These PE stamped calculations can cost between $1200.00-$2000.00.

The PE stamped calculations will have to be submitted to the local building officials along with applying for a permit. Without these permits, you risk not being able to install a rack or a long list of fines. Not only is it a hassle, it’s extremely dangerous and not worth the risk.

Our installers can provide a turn key install that includes permitting but at a price. In addition to the PE stamped calculations, you need to consider the following expenses: additional drawings, installation, anchors, inspections, anchor inspections, and permitting. Although it costs a pretty penny, we cannot stress enough just how devastating the alternative is.

While some racks have the potential for more devastating damage, it’s important to cover all your bases. We work with pallet rack manufacturers and structural engineers that provide structural analysis of some of our most common storage racks, including, selective pallet rack, drive in rack, push back rack, pallet flow rack, bulk storage rack. They also provide analysis for industrial shelving, including steel shelving, boltless shelving, rivet shelving, wide span shelving, bulk storage shelving, record archive shelving, as well as carousels, including vertical carousels, and horizontal carousels.

As we said before, these requirements can be difficult to understand, but you don’t have to be intimated! We want to give you peace of mind. Talk with one of our experts at 1-800-763-9020 to discuss how we can help you meet the requirements without the stress!