Pallet Load Stop Beams

(TEAR DROP STYLE) 96″ Pallet Load Stop Beam. New. 3″ Offset. Color: Safety Orange. Weight: 22 lbs. Part #: U0201074. NOTE: This beam stop mounts / attaches to the front teardrop holes.

(BOLT-ON STYLE) 96″ x 4″ Pallet Load Stop Beam. New. 3″ Offset. Color: Safety Orange. Weight: 32 LBS. Part #: LS-S32I-355-096.00 02-03-0 NOTE: This beam stop mounts / attaches to holes on side of your teardrop style roll formed upright. This bolt on beam stop will not work unless you have existing holes in the sides of your upright columns. Not designed for structural rack.

NOTES: Available with 0″, 3″, 4″ & 6″ offsets. Est. Lead Time: 6-7 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 125. FOB: North East, PA 16428 or Chicago, IL 60160

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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What’s stopping a pallet from falling off the back of your rack? A pallet load stop beam! Let the Pallet Load Stop Beam be the centerpiece of your pallet push-through prevention program.

Pallet load stop beams are designed to prevent pallet loads of material from falling off the back of your rack. Pallet stops for racking are usually offset 4”-6” and attached to your uprights by means of an offset bracket. The offset allows for typical 3” pallet overhang. When pallet enters the rack it will go just far enough into the rack to set down on the backstop beams and will be stopped by the pallet load stop beam.

Pallet stops for racks are great for single rows of rack along a wall. They are also great for rack that is next to work areas. These offset beams will prevent pallet loads from crashing through a wall or landing on someone. Pallet stops for racking increase safety in your warehouse. Your only choices are rack guard or pallet load stop beams.

We cannot guarantee that these pallet rack stops will work with your existing rack unless you provide us the name of the original manufacturer. The name of the manufacturer or part number is usually engraved on the face of the upright. A photo will help us identify you’re rack. Not all pallet load stop beams fit in all rack. Call us at 800-763-9020 to help you find a pallet rack stop that works for you.

BackStop (for bolted and welded frames. Fully welded single assembly pallet load stop beam installed at the rear of the rack. Much easier to install than our competitors bolt together options. Our back stop beams require no hardware because our teardrop end plates have standard piston locks which allow for easy installation and keep beams securely fastened to the uprights.

NOTE: With standard backstop beams, the backstop must be installed 12″ from the top of the load beam. Available sizes have been standardized to typical configurations according to pallet overhang from the face of the upright. Standard Overhangs: 0, 3, 4 and 6″. Standard Lengths: 48″, 96″, 144″.