Introducing the newly released universal fit Adjustable Pallet Racking Stop Beam. What makes them unique is that they consist of nothing more than a U-Shaped bolt-on bracket which is used in conjunction with a standard pallet rack step beam. The bracket on this adjustable pallet racking stop beam will work with many different brands and styles of pallet rack. They prevent pallet loads from falling off the back of the rack.

These pallet stops have pre-drilled holes that allow an adjustable offset from 3″-6″-9″ off the back of the rack. Fire regulations require 6″ flue space between pallets and wall or pallets in a back to back row. Check with your local building officials for their requirements.

Simply slide the U-Shaped bracket to preferred offset from upright column and bolt into place. U-shaped adjustable side bolt-on brackets are easily bolted in place with a minimum 3/8″ bolt, washer, lock washer and nut. They have a high quality yellow powder coat paint finish (other colors available).

Be sure to specify the type of pallet rack you have when ordering: Teardrop, Structural, Interlake, etc.