Wire-containers-with-casters-stackedOne of the most commonly asked questions about wire containers with casters is will they stack? I am here to tell you that yes they do and I have a picture to prove it. Wire baskets with casters will stack 4 high and are designed to support 4,000 LBS capacity per container.

Another question is canyou store 4,000 LBS in each container and then stack them 4 high? Will the bottom container be able to support the weight? The answers are yes and yes. Wire containers have 4,000 LBS capacity and are stackable 4 high.

Upgrade your next wire container purchase to include casters. It’s like teaching an old dog new tricks. The wire container with casters will roll around your facility, stack for dense storage and collapse when not in use. Wire containers with casters are very versatile and offer you storage density and handling efficiency.