When choosing a storage rack solution for third-party logistics, you need to consider the types of products being stored, size and weight of products, frequency of access, and available warehouse space.

Most 3PL providers need the ability to scale operations quickly to handle seasonal fluctuations in demand or to accommodate new customers. Others have limited space that present challenges to store goods efficiently. It’s important to be able to put together a safe, cost-effective logistics storage rack solution that can handle a wide range of challenges.

Fortunately, there are many storage rack solutions for third-party logistics providers that can address these challenges, including:

Selective Pallet Racks: The most used racks in 3PL warehouses, these racks are favored for providing easy access to inventory.  

Carton Flow Racks: Ideal for picking and packing smaller products.  

Drive-In Racks: Best for storage in high-density spaces moving high volumes of similar products.  

Push-Back Racks: Good for high-density storage of multiple pallets where gravity rollers push pallets toward the front as new pallets are loaded.  

Pallet Flow Racks: Great for FIFO product movement with pallets that allow loading from the back and picking from the front.  

Mezzanines: When space is at a premium, these can be used to create more workspace for employees or store additional products.

As a third-party logistics provider, it’s important to have the most efficient storage solutions. Working with a supplier that has experience designing and installing storage rack systems can ensure that you select the right 3PL warehouse storage solution for your specific needs.