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Pallet Flow Rack


(8) pallets wide x (12) pallets deep x (3) pallets high = 288 pallet positions Pallet Flow Rack. New. Pallet Load Dimensions: 40″ w. x 48″ d. x 55″ h. Max Pallet Weight: 2,000 lbs. 23′ Clear Ceiling Height. Total Weight: 11,000 LBS. Part Number: SECTION

(2) Outside Tracks: Single Plastic 2-7/8″ Diameter Wheel. 588″ Channel Length. Wheels Inline on 3″ Centers. (1) Inside Track: Double Brake Channel.588″ Channel Length. Wheels Staggered on 2″ Centers. 7″ Red PF1 Stop. Total Weight: 800 LBS. Part Number: LANES

We can design pallet flow rail systems in almost any configuration you want. Please call us at 800-763-9020 or email We would be happy to discuss your requirements and find a rack system that fits your needs.

NOTES: Pallet Flow Rails. Est. Lead Time: 6-7 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. Rack Material FOB: Chicago, IL 60160 or San Diego, CA 92154 (Class 65). Flow Material (Flow Rails): Kennesaw, GA 30144 (Class 77.5)

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Pallet Flow Rack is the purest form of first in first out pallet storage. But you’re going to pay for it – those skate wheel tracks aren’t cheap! But what you pay for will be made up quickly in increased efficiency! And talk about density. We are the first manufacturer to offer 18 pallet deep pallet flow racking for standard 40″ w. x 48″ d. GMA pallets.

Pallet Flow rack is dynamic pallet storage. This gravity flow system is the ultimate FIFO pallet rack system. Pallet flow racking is a great option where high through-put is required and or where you have a large volume of each SKU.

Pallet flow rack is a first-in, first-out management system that offers tremendous pallet density and efficiency. You simply load a pallet into the back of the system and it flows to the front of the system on pallet rails with skate wheels. Our gravity pallet flow feeds pallets and cartons of product to processing, order picking, sorting, distribution and shipping operations.

Pallet flow rack will change your operation. You’ll see a huge improvement in your efficiency. Inventory moves quickly on the skate wheels. The pallet flow rack really helps to streamline things. You will also be able to store more. The system gets inventory into hard to reach places, so you’re able to maximize your space. You need minimal personnel because the pallet flow rack keeps the inventory moving quickly.

Pallets always remain under full control, sometimes by use of intermittent brake wheels. Pallet Flow rail systems can be customized to meet your individual needs using rack components that are specifically designed for a highly productive, reliable and economical storage solution. You can virtually have hundreds of pallet deep in a pallet flow rack system.

You don’t have to worry about your inventory getting damaged. The system is well designed to keep your inventory from falling off the rack or getting scratched by the wheels.

You can trust us to design an efficient, well-designed storage system. Call us now at 800-763-9020 to discuss your specific high-density storage needs.

There are basically 3 styles of pallet flow rails:

Metal skate wheel systems

Pallet Flow Rack

Plastic wheel pallet flow systems with pallet flow rails for standard pallets with sufficient bottom boards

Pallet Flow Rack 2

Wide metal roller systems utilizing full width rollers flow a greater variety of pallet sizes

Pallet Flow Rack 3