Steel Mezzanines

Steel Mezzanine Structure: 150 PSF Live Load, 10 PSF Dead Load, 2552 sqft Mezzanine (180' W x 18' L), 12' Deck Height, 10'6″ Clear Height. 2815.5 sqft of 22GA Corrugated Decking[White Under]. 87 Sheets of (8'x4') of LD50 Resin Board [Unfinished]. 2x Straight Model 3 Staircase: Closed Treads, 36″ step open risers, 12' High with a 398 linear feet of 4″ High KickPlate, 398 linear feet of 3 Rail Handrail. No Gates Required. Standard Color: Gray.

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 7-8 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: Shipping Point

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Steel mezzanines double your facilities square footage by adding another level for storage or operations!

Adding steel mezzanine storage systems can be the most economical way to increase your warehouse storage space while saving the cost of a conventional building expansion. Steel Mezzanines enable the warehouse space to be utilized to its full potential by doubling or tripling the surface area. They can be designed as storage areas, changing rooms or offices, among other applications.

Some companies have the luxury of just building out. If you don’t have that luxury than you only option may be to build up. Steel mezzanines allow you to maximize your vertical storage space. Mezzanine storage systems can be very versatile. You can put work areas on them and put shelving underneath them. In fact you can incorporate rack into them. It’s called a rack supported mezzanine.

The structural mezzanine storage systems are ideal for large spans and medium to heavy loads. The columns are made of “I” structural profiles. Holes are drilled into the beam flanges so that the beams can be held in place using lateral brackets. The secondary beams are embedded in the primary beams and are joined together by brackets bolted to the beam cores.

Steel Mezzanines offer the following features and benefits:
• A typical bill of material will include: columns, column base plates, leveling shims, main beams, secondary beams, floor, floor support angle brackets, floor attachment clamps, handrail, staircase, swing gate and up-and-over gate
• The wide range of sizes, floor types and construction systems allow mezzanines to be adapted to meet specific client needs like the load, type of work, lift truck use, ventilation requirements and other factors
• Flooring options include wood flooring, corrugated metal B-Deck with wood overlay, bar grating, metal grid and perforated steel panel decking
• Our steel mezzanines can be designed to handle heavy loads from 100 lbs. /ft. – 300 lbs. /ft.
• The support columns can be space in large spans up to 26′ x 26′, allowing for lift truck movement
• Mezzanine safety railings consist of round and rectangular tubes joined together by flanged attachments. Protective kick boards are fitted around the bottom to prevent objects from falling off the steel mezzanine
• Mezzanine staircases are sturdy and easy to install. Staircases of 8, 10, 12 or 15 steps can be installed, depending on the distance between the ground floor and the mezzanine floor. Extra flights of stairs are required for staircases over 15 steps
• Staircase configurations include: single flight of stairs, two continuous flights, two flights of stairs at 180 degree angle and two flights of stairs at 90 degree angle
• Mezzanine accessories include swing gates that permit access to stored goods by forklift
• They can be complemented with a variety of shelving systems
• They are quick, clean and easy to install
• They can be completely disassembled; all parts can be reused, and their structure, size or location can be easily modified