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Pushback Pallet Rack

Sample Pushback Rack Quote:

1 rows @ (48) double wide bays x (3) pallets deep x (3) pallets high = 864 Pallet Positions Stored. Push Back Rack. New. Pallet Load Dimensions: 40″ W. x 48″ D. x 48″ H. Max Pallet Weight: 2000 lbs. Clear Ceiling Height: TBD. Total bill of material includes: (98) – 11′ h. x 54″ d. Teardrop upright frames that have 19,300 LBS capacity at 48″ beam spacing, (576) – 96″ beams, (288) – 3 deep pushback carts and rails, (98) – 44″ row spacer, (196) – Shims and (196) – Anchors. Total Weight: 108,000 LBS. Part Number: TS12615.

*We can design pushback rack in almost any configuration you want. Please call us at 800-763-9020 or email sales@rackandshelf.com. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

NOTES: Push-back Rack System. Est. Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: Chicago, IL 60160, Sumter, SC 29154, Dallas, TX 75006 and San Diego, CA 92154

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Push-back Racking is the hottest selling rack system on the market! It combines highest density and efficiency at the lowest price!

Our push-back racking combines standard selective pallet racking with a cart-and-rail system that sits on horizontal load beams. The concept of roll-back racking is that you have a series of low profile carts that are secured to the rails and nest on top of one another at the front of the system. The first pallet sets on the top cart. When the next pallet is loaded into the system it pushes the top pallet load back into the system exposing the cart below it. The final pallet sets on the rails. Therefore a 6 deep push-back rack system would have only 5 carts.

When unloading push-back pallet racking, simply remove the first pallet and the pallets behind it roll forward at a slow and controlled speed to the front of the aisle for picking. If you put a stop watch on a lift truck driver operating in a drive-in rack system compared to a push-back rack system, you will see that push-back rack offers a tremendous time saving on every pick compared to selective or drive-in storage rack systems. This time savings added up over a year amount to tremendous cost savings and short ROI.

Push-back pallet racking offers greater density, selectivity and time savings over all other styles of rack. It’s a must-have for food distributors, frozen food warehouses and any distribution center that has a high pallet turnover. Food distributors typically have lower profit margins on food products so it’s all about how many pallets they can push out the door in the shortest amount of time.

Roll-back racking offers you tremendous flexibility. Unlike drive in rack systems you don’t have to dedicate an entire bay to one SKU. Pushback rack allows you to store different products on different shelf levels. This is ideal for products with few pallets per SKU.

A push-back rack system also helps to improve your storage density. You can really pack in a lot of inventory with this type of storage system. We can design a custom pushback system to fit the space you have available. We want to help you maximize every inch of your warehouse!

Save time, money and space with a push-back rack system. This system allows for maximum storage, quick access and increased safety. You will certainly see your ROI in no time! We understand moving inventory means increasing your capital. Pushback allows you to push more pallets out the door which means more money in your pocket.

If you have high pallet turn-over than pushback rack is a must have rack system!

Push-back Rack System Features & Benefits:
• Push-back racking can go multiple levels high. A push-back racking system can be designed to go 30′ or higher.
• Typically designed for 2 pallets wide per section. We can also provide 1 pallet wide.
• Available 3-6 pallets deep. 3-4 deep is the most popular. We can do 5 deep in house at an affordable cost. Only a couple of manufacturers can supply 6 deep so it is more expensive.
• Low profile carts are safely attached to the rail so they cannot become dislodged.
• We design the push-back rack systems around your pallet load. Give us the width, depth, height and weight of your pallet load. We can design a system to meet your requirements.
• We can design a push-back rack to fit into virtually any space in your warehouse. Tell us the width, depth and clear height of your space. We can design a system to meet your requirements.
• Push-back racking is accessed from only one side.
• It’s commonly placed up against a wall or configured back-to-back accessed from both sides. The most common configuration is to have two rows of pushback rack facing one another and a single aisle down the middle that services both rows.
• Offers high productivity because it offers BOTH density and accessibility.
• Increased density and efficiency offers a short ROI.
• More efficient stock rotation because every lane is accessible from the aisle.
• Pushback rack is a reverse flow storage system that operates on last-in-first-out (LIFO). You can rotate your stock on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis by never storing new lots in front of previous lots.
• Greater lifespan than drive in rack because the forklift only access the front of the rack. All pallets are picked from the aisle. Takes less abuse than drive in rack because forklift doesn’t have to drive into the system.
• Popular rack system for freezers and coolers. Freezer/ cooler space is the most expensive space in the warehouse. Pushback helps maximize that space. Pushback rack is quick and efficient to work with. Nobody wants to spend a minute longer than they have to in a freezer.
• Requires very little maintenance. Simply spray it down with a hose. The carts have wheels with sealed bearings. Unlike pallet flow racks, pallets rarely get caught up in the system.
• Push-back racking accessories include full cart cover which is great for storing bad pallets.