Savannah attracts many visitors with its rich history and picturesque scenery. Savannah is located near the Atlantic Ocean, which made it a pivotal site during the American Revolution. Today, it is a major port and relies on tourism, warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, paper and military.

As a leading online supplier of Material Handling and Storage Products, we have 16 stocking locations to help you maximize your efficiency and your budget! The Savannah stocking location makes it easy for you to get what you need when you need it.

We are committed to helping you increase your warehouse efficiency. Long distance shipping can be anything but efficient – it’s expensive and time consuming.

The multiple locations help save you money by drastically reducing your freight costs. When we choose the location closest to you, we also help reduce the risk of product damage. Less transit time means less transfers for items like pallet protectors, or even wire decking. We know you don’t have time for damaged product! In today’s world, you have to exceed the expectations of your customers by delivering their product as quickly as possible (and undamaged!)

The Savannah stocking location has the following products:

Wire Decking

Wire Containers

Pallet Supports (Crossbars)

End of Aisle Protectors

Post Protectors

Ram Guards

Guard Rail

Wire decking and wire containers are some of the most in demand products in the industry. They both help increase efficiency and both are durable and long lasting. We will pick “best way prepaid & add” from the Savannah location so your product arrives as quickly as possible.

We have seen the changing landscape of the retail industry in our more than 30 years in business. Today’s customer needs choices and needs them quickly, which is why we are pleased to bring you the largest inventory at the lowest prices.

Get a quote today or call 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert. We’d be happy to help you with your warehouse needs from the Savannah stocking location. 


“I received my baskets today and with the help of a couple friends got them into my garage. I think they are going to work perfectly for what I had in mind. Thanks so much for your help! I’m glad I found your company on the internet. You’ve saved me a lot of money and provided great customer service.”
~ A very satisfied customer, M. Howell