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Industrial Steel Shelving


36″ w. x 18″ d. x 87″ h. Industrial Steel Shelving w/ 5 Shelves

NOTES: Open steel shelving. Est. Lead Time: 2-3 weeks. Ships freight class 70. FOB: Paris, KY 40361, San Dimas, CA 91773

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Let’s be open about this, open steel shelving is both durable and affordable! We have the Nation’s lowest prices on new and used heavy duty industrial grade steel shelving units!

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC stocks open steel shelving units (also called open metal shelving) for business, industry, warehouse, distribution and government applications. We specialize in automotive, pharmaceutical & archive shelving. An automotive metal shelving unit is a highly versatile system for efficiently storing automotive parts.

We offer both heavy-duty open industrial shelving and commercial shelving systems. Commercial grade metal shelving is ideal for offices, backroom applications or for those applications that don’t require high load capacities. Open steel shelving is ideal for bulky or packaged items. Metal shelving uses compression clips, rather than nuts and bolts, making it quick and easy to install or rearrange shelf locations.

Open metal shelving can save you a lot of time. Quickly access your inventory from the front, back or sides. You don’t have to unload other inventory to access what you need. The open industrial shelving also makes it easy to quickly see your inventory without having to move products around. This metal shelving unit also makes it easy to restock inventory because you know exactly how much space you have.

You can also save space with open metal shelving. This open shelf unit would be great to help organize office odds and ends that take up a lot of space. Storing up and not out could clear up floor or desk space. These units are easy to install and relocate, so you make changes as needed to maximize your space.

Open steel shelving units provide basic all-purpose storage. Open design for visual inventory. It’s designed for easy stocking and retrieval. Side and end sway braces provide stability. Steel Shelving is available in open and closed shelving units, as well as starter and add-on style units.

Don’t spend a fortune on shelving that is more than you need. Open metal shelving is versatile, durable and keeps you organized. We can work with you to provide either an industrial or commercial system to best suit your needs. We don’t try to sell you something that you don’t need. We use our years of experience to create a system that’s just right for you.

As the name implies, open steel shelving doesn’t have any back panels or side panels. It has x-braces but not on every unit. It has an open design that is less expensive than closed steel shelving!

Advantages of our Open Steel Shelving Units

  • 1″ vertical adjustability.
  • Includes shelf clips
  • Side edges are double flanged
  • Roll formed, spot welded box beam construction
  • Lapped and welded corners
  • Open style or with closed backs and sides.
  • Back and side bracing
  • Available in many sizes

Popular Sizes of Open Metal Shelving

  • 85″-87″ h. x 12″ d. x 36″ w. Industrial Grade Steel Shelving Unit. 400# shelf capacity. 5 shelves per section. Open back & sides. Clip style or nut & bolt.
  • 85″-87″ h. x 18″ d. x 36″ w. Industrial Grade Steel Shelving Unit. 380# shelf capacity. 5 shelves per section. Open back & sides. Clip style or nut & bolt.
  • 85″-87″ h. x 24″ d. x 36″ w. Industrial Grade Steel Shelving Unit. 360# shelf capacity. 5 shelves per section. Metal shelving has open back & sides. Clip style or nut & bolt.


Our Compression Clip                 

Two tabs fit firmly into post slots. Shelf fits between top of clip & post. Rearranging shelf locations is simple and easy.

Industrial Grade Shelving To Support Catwalk Systems

Engineered to meet or exceed all OSHA requirements, catwalk systems make use of wasted overhead space while minimizing utility costs.

*Extra shelves, closed backs, closed sides are available.

*Lead Time: In stock, allow 4-5 days to ship/Stock FOB: KY., CA.