Vertical Carousel (VC)

The Vertical Carousels we have for sale offer you storage density and efficiency. Our vertical storage carousels have simple basic controls that allow you to forward and reverse. VC brings product directly to operator with Ave. retrieval time of 20 seconds. We offer VC’s for many applications: Tires, Spools, Trays, Carpet, Vinyl & Garments. All of our vertical storage carousels use the same framing, sprockets, chain and controls. Most Common VC are 6.5′ deep x 8′-12′-15′ wide x 19′ tall. VC needs 12″ of clearance between top of carousel and ceiling. Depth of unit is always 6.5″ OD/ 6′ ID. Width of unit includes 3 options: 6′ ID/ 8′ OD, 12′ ID/ 14′ OD, 15′ ID/ 17.5′ OD. Unit Height ranges from 8′ to 24′. Most popular height: 19′. All VC’s have 12,000 lbs. cap. All vertical storage carousels utilize 3 phase power. UL Rated. Unit ships KD and requires some assembly.

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