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Vertical Carousel (VC)

Vertical Carousels offer you storage density & efficiency. Our VC’s have simple basic controls that allow you to forward & reverse. VC brings product directly to operator with Ave. retrieval time of 20 seconds. We offer VC’s for many applications: Tires, Spools, Trays, Carpet, Vinyl & Garments. All of our VC’s use the same framing, sprockets, chain & controls. Most Common VC are 6.5′ deep x 8′-12′-15′ wide x 19′ tall. VC needs 12″ of clearance between top of carousel and ceiling. Depth of unit is always 6.5″ OD/ 6′ ID. Width of unit includes 3 options: 6′ ID/ 8′ OD, 12′ ID/ 14′ OD, 15′ ID/ 17.5′ OD. Unit Height ranges from 8′ to 24′. Most popular height: 19′. All VC’s have 12,000 lbs. cap. All VC’s utilize 3 phase power. UL Rated. Unit ships KD and requires some assembly.

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