I want my customers to be the first to see this revolutionary new plastic pallet that is specially designed to handle super sacks!

Super Sack PalletWhat are super sacks you may ask? Super sacks are flexible intermediate bulk containers or bulk bags made of flexible fabric. The are designed for storing and transporting dry flow-able products like sand, fertilizer or granules of plastic.

What are the challenges of handling super sacks? Well, they are bulky and extend out past the base of the pallet. Super sacks are heavy and typically have a lot of pallet overhang. They do not naturally allow you to bulk stack them because they are not a uniform load. They are very hard to handle, store and stack.

Up until now, when customers asked about Super Sack handling equipment, I had recommended my customers store super sacks in pallet racks, drive in rack or nestable racks – but now I’d like to introduce the BigBag Divider Pallet by OneWay Solutions.

Advantages of the BigBag Super Sack Plastic Pallet Racks:

  • They do a better job of supporting super sacks.
  • Bulk bags can be stacked for storage and during transportation.
  • Thanks to the divider, they can be separated again easily without damage.
  • At the same time the divider serves as a reliable carrier for transporting on roller conveyors.
  • Their highly conveyable for easy transport.
  • Their sturdy design prevents bags from falling through.
  • They have fork access openings that feature a special tunnel design.
  • Bulk bags are protected from fork tine damage.

Super Sack Pallet - Bottom View