Pallet Rack with Special Plastisol Epoxy Coating for Rust Resistance

16′ h. x 48″ d. Structural Steel Upright with Special Plastisol Coating for Rust Resistance. New. C3″ x 3.5 structural channel column. 24,500 lbs. cap. @ 48″ beam spacing. Standard footplate. Weight: 160 LBS. Part Number: SFR-3×3.5-42-192-P

96″ x 3″ Structural C-Channel Beam with Special Plastisol Coating for Rust Resistance . New. 3689 lbs. cap./pr. with no cross tie. No step. Nut & bolt end piece. Weight: 31 LBS. Part Number: CBM-S-3×3.5-96-S1X-0.125

48″ d. x 46″ w. Wire decking with Special Plastisol Coating for Rust Resistance. New. 2,500 lbs. capacity per piece based on evenly distributed load. 2.5″ x 4″ x 6 ga. wire grid. (3)- 14 ga. steel “Flared Style” channel supports. Fits standard 1-5/8″ step beams, box beams & structural channel beams. 1-1/2″ waterfall on front & back.

Plastisol Coating – Lot charge is all inclusive and includes plastisol coating of the following: 16′ H. Structural Uprights, 96″ Structural C-Channel Beams, 48″ x 46″ Wire Decking. Parts will be completely coated and trimmed as needed or advised. Due to complete coating a few wire marks will be on each part and these can be patched after dipping. Choice of standard colors.

Tooling is the one time charge and covers custom built tanks.

NOTES: We specialize in custom sizes – just ask. Lead Time: 8-10 week. FOB: Detroit, MI.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Plastisol coated pallet rack is NOT FDA Approved but is an FDA Accepted coating. (*See attached letter from manufacturer). But it is the customers responsibility to determine if this special plastisol coated rack will meet required standards. In other words, it’s always best to check with local building officials, inspectors, FDA before purchasing pallet racking with rust resistant coating.

There are some applications that require either stainless steel pallet rack or pallet rack that has a special plastisol epoxy like coated finish that prevents rust. Just so you know, stainless steel pallet racking is about 300% or 3 times the cost of steel pallet racking that has rust resistant coating from special plasticoat finish.

We must ship our pallet rack to an coatings company in Michigan to have them apply this special coating. After it is applied we ship the rack directly to our customers.

Structural pallet rack is constructed with c-channels and have a bolted connection. It is easy for us to apply the plastisol finish to the structural c-channel upright columns and beams. We make sure not to apply plastisol coating on the inside of the holes in upright column and beam end piece. After bolting beams to uprights installer must apply plastisol coating to heads of bolts.

The wire decking with flared channel supports also have plastisol finish applied. The wire decking with flared channels set perfectly on the structural c-channel beams giving you 2,500 LBS of capacity per shelf. The open mesh is self cleaning in that it doesn’t allow for dirt and dust to accumulate on the shelf.