Pallet Rack Nylon Safety Netting


2 runs at 7 bays per run, 192″ tall frames, 96″ beams, 3″ wide upright columns, beams at 92/156″ elevation. Mesh from 94″ to 190″ elevation. 4″ effective offsets (6.25″ oal). Includes 1 ea. mid horizontal cables to reduce deflection in netting in case of major spillage.


Qty. 1 each 8′ high x 24′ long Polypropylene Mesh Pallet Rack Safety Netting. New. 2″ square mesh. 1500 LBS load Rating. Color: Black. Weight: 36 LBS.

Qty. 2 each 8′ high x 16′ long Polypropylene Mesh Pallet Rack Safety Netting. New. 2″ square mesh. 1500 LBS load Rating. Color: Black. Weight: 16 LBS. EA.

Qty. 6 ea. Horizontal Offset Bracket. New.

Qty. 4 ea. Turnbuckle.

Qty. 17 ea. Thimbles.

Qty. 15 ea. Eye Bolts

Qty. 16 ea. Tension Straps

Qty. 200 Snap Hooks.

Qty. 12 ea. Offsets

Qty. 34 ea. Cable Clamp.

Qty. 250 Ft. – 1/4″ Steel Cable.

Qty. 12 ea. Nylon Tie Wraps.

Qty. 5 – Extensions

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

We offer pallet rack safety netting for the Material Handling Industry. We specialize in proving Polypropylene mesh netting for the back of pallet racks, shelving, mezzanines and even conveyor. The advantages of Polypropylene over nylon mesh is that Polypropylene can be used both indoors and outdoors. Nylon mesh can only be used for indoor applications.

Pallet Rack netting can be designed to prevent boxes or even full pallets from falling off and landing on someone’s head. Safety netting is the ideal pallet rack safety product accessory because it protects your staff and customers from falling objects.

Rack Guard Netting is used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distributions centers and is now commonly being required in many retail home centers to protect stock from falling off the back of the racks and injuring someone. OSHA 1925.250 meets storage rack guarding requirements. Rack netting is custom fit to your pallet racks. Please see attached “How to order pallet rack safety netting” to help us size up your requirement.

Our netting guard comes in a variety of different mesh patterns, thicknesses and strengths that offer different  load ratings. These industrial nets are used as pallet rack guards and easily installed to the back of racks or in the flue space between the racks. It can be flush fit or be offset to allow for pallet overhang. It is an economical solution to your pallet and carton push through prevention safety initiatives.


#1: In order to get you an accurate quote we will need to know the number of runs (or rows) and the number of bays (or sections) per run. See questionnaire for a complete list of question we will need answered.

#2: Netting usually starts at the first beam level off the floor and goes up to the top of the upright. If you have a beam level at the top of the upright with a pallet that extends over the top of the upright you may want to add extensions that extend netting to prevent top pallet from falling off the rack.

#3: if the netting is going in the flue space, we normally make the netting in individual bay widths due to row spacers.