High Density Mobile Shelving
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High Density Mobile Shelving | Sliding Storage Shelves

High density mobile shelving systems save space and increase product storage capacity and handling efficiency. Our mobile shelving systems roll on a track and rows of shelving can be opened or closed together with a 1-1/4″ gap or space between collapsed rows. SPACE SAVINGS – An area with 5 rows of static shelving requiring 4 … Continue reading High Density Mobile Shelving | Sliding Storage Shelves

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High density mobile shelving systems save space and increase product storage capacity and handling efficiency. Our mobile shelving systems roll on a track and rows of shelving can be opened or closed together with a 1-1/4″ gap or space between collapsed rows.

SPACE SAVINGS – An area with 5 rows of static shelving requiring 4 aisles can be converted to mobile shelving with one movable aisle that offers DOUBLE THE CAPACITY. This allows you to maximize your storage space and repurpose it for other uses.

APPLICATIONS – Movable shelving and storage racks are for warehousing, distribution, horticulture, agriculture, library’s, grocery stores, stock rooms in malls and retail back room storage – the applications are virtually endless. Our most common application is for retailers with limited space who want to dedicate more room for sales space and shrink the size of their storage areas with rolling, high density storage shelves.

CONSTRUCTION– Our rolling shelf racks are most commonly constructed of easy to assemble boltless rivet shelving with wire mesh decks. They can also be constructed of just about any type of shelving or racks including tab style shelving from Morgan Marshall or MEG, widespan bulk shelving, wire shelving or pallet rack.

DESIGN – We are able to design our mobile shelving units using a wide variety of stock shelf sizes of double rivet beams – anywhere from 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 60″ that allows you to maximize your square footage. Whether you are storing shoe boxes, hand bags, folded shirts we can provide shelving to fit your specific needs.

VERSATILITY – Our movable shelving is very versatile. Our end panels can be offered with hooks to hang items and garments. Besides our high density storage shelves, our end panels offer dual purpose storage on both inside and outside.

SHELVING TYPES – Shelf options include wire grid, particle board, solid steel or perforated steel. Wire mesh decking is by far the most popular shelf option. It is durable, self cleaning (meaning that dust and debris cannot build up on the shelf) and allows light from above to go through the shelf for easier product identification (no shadows from solid decking).

TRACKS – Our sliding storage shelves roll on tracks that are mounted to the floor. What makes our tracks special (and better then the competitors tracks) is that our tracks have a continuous insert which keeps the wheels from getting stuck. Wheels can ride continuously up to 30′ on a single track. We don’t crimp 10′ tracks together that cause tracks to separate and carriages to get stuck.

CAPACITY – Our mobile shelving is some of the strongest on the market. Our carriage capacity holds 1000 LBS per lineal foot. We can do this because our carriages are designed to transfer load weight directly to the wheels and to the floor. Other manufacturers mobile shelving units just have the carriage supporting the weight). We design the wheels to match the load weight – where as a box of sneakers may only need a single wheel design but boxes of baby diapers may get a double or triple wheel design to increase weight capacity.

MOVEMENT– Our rolling, high density storage shelves move manually with a handle and standard push pull design with patented positive stop for safety. This is the design we use for most applications that lighter weights and shorter carriages. We can also offer mechanical assist movement with fold down handles with lockable brake system for heavier loads.

DESIGN – We offer free turn key service that includes design, manufacturing, shipping and installation. I would say that 80%+ of our customers choose to have their rolling racks installed. There is a lot of parts and it takes experience to do it right. Long term it is best to have our professionally trained installers do the job. We have installers in every state including Canada and Mexico. Your install comes with a full 10 year factory warranty.

We an even do seismic design and permitting of your mobile shelving system. It is best if ew design and provide the PE stamped drawings (that come at an additional cost) and have  your Architect do the permitting (it’s usually easier and less expensive). We can also provide optional anti-tipping device that is required in seismic zones or sometimes in non-seismic zones. The non-tipping device is needed based on the height, width and depth ration of your shelving.

As a value added feature our shelving units come standard with track sweeps, which is a polyurethane sweep attachment on the bottom of the carriage that keeps dirt, debris from getting under the wheels. We also always send Masonite shims to insure that our systems are level.

Options and Accessories Include: wire mesh decking, particle board decking, grip handles, peg board end caps, marker board end caps, mechanical row openers

A QUESTION THAT WILL HELP US DESIGN A SYSTEM THAT MEETS YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS: What is most important to you – capacity or accessibility? Because we can design our system for either one. Most often it’s accessibility. Retailers with fast moving products often want accessibility. A library or distribution center where products sit on the shelf for a while may prefer we focus on storage density.