48” L. x 40” W. x 34” H. Plastic Collapsible Bulk Box | Knockdown Bulk Containers

48” L. x 40” W. x 34” H. (28.5″ H. Inside Clear ) Universal Duty Plastic Collapsible Bulk Box. New. 2000 lbs. cap. Two half drop gates on 48” side. 13″ Collapsed Height. Color: Black. Weight: 118 LBS. Part Number: 4840-34

NOTES: (INDUSTRY STANDARD) FOB: Toledo, OH. Est. Lead Time: 5-6 weeks

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

The 48” L. x 40” W. x 34” H. (28.5″ H. Inside Clear ) Universal Duty Plastic Collapsible Bulk Box is the Industry Standard! It is by far the most popular size.

Plastic collapsible bulk boxes have many advantages over corrugated gaylords, wood pallets, steel or wire containers. Besides being collapsible, stackable, returnable they are sustainable and help you reduce your carbon foot print. One of the key advantages is that they knock down for return shipments which gives you a return ratio advantage that helps you reduce freight cost.

Returnable shipping boxes take up a smaller storage footprint when not in use letting you recapture valuable floor space. They increase storage capacity and handling efficiency. These palletainers take up less space in transit helping you better cube out the trailer on return shipments – ultimately saving you gas and money.

Whether purchased by a Packaging Engineer or a Warehouse Manager plastic bulk boxes have many applications. Collapsible bulk containers are commonly used for warehouse storage but are also popular for storing and transporting products in line side distribution at manufacturing plants. The drop gate allows for easy ergonomic access to stored goods. These collapsible bulk containers are an integral part of the supply chains for a variety of industries from automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, etc.

Our bulk containers are constructed of #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) which is easy to clean and sanitize with a pressure washer. They are made from 100% recyclable material.  The factory gets tons of this material from containers that have become obsolete or damaged. They are ground up and made into new containers. Our containers are from recycled materials which make them fully sustainable which you reduce your carbon foot print.

Plastic bulk bins are gentler on stored parts than steel or wire containers because they don’t have rough edges. This makes them excellent for safely store parts in transportation.  Another advantage is that the bulk container is easy to repair. If you break a side wall or rail on the bottom they can be replaced.

Our collapsible shipping containers are very durable. They have a much greater longevity than corrugated gaylords, cardboard packaging or wood pallets. You can get hundreds of cycles and many years of use from your reusable bulk container purchase. Our folding bulk containers are tested and certified in Michigan. They are certified to meet the capacity ratings that are published.