Aluminum Solid Sided Security Cart

49″ W. x 68-3/4″ H. x 26-3/4″ D. Aluminum Security Cart with Solid Sides. New. Shelf Size: 23″ x 45-3/4″ Includes (3) Interior shelves. 18″ clear space between shelves. Fully enclosed. Includes front gates. Lockable hasp lock type. Includes handle. Equipped with four 8″ plate type pneumatic casters ¨C two rigid (#C516) and two swivel (#C519). Weight: 257 LBS. Part Number: 98167 

NOTES: Lead Time: 2-3 weeks. FOB: PA. This item is built-to-order and cannot be returned.

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A solid aluminum security cart would make a solid addition to your operation! This industrial storage cart has so many uses and will last you for years to come!

An aluminum security cart stores and transports inventory and materials. It’s made of solid aluminum panels and stainless steel double doors. This is one hard working AND long lasting piece of equipment!

It comes with two interior shelves, made of 1-½” x 1-½” .070” extruded aluminum tube with 1-¼” x 2-¼” x .100 thick T-Bar’s welded perpendicular to the length. These shelves give you three places to store your materials, which helps you maximize your storage density and improve organization within the cart.

Solid aluminum cages are ideal for storing dangerous materials, especially chemicals, in the workplace. It’s configured with a lock to maximize security and improve safety in your space. Storing chemicals and hazardous materials is a tough job, but the aluminum security cart does it easily. Not only does an aluminum security cart prevent theft, it also contains the materials without showing any signs of wear and tear. Prevent spills and prevent dangerous accidents by securing materials with solid aluminum security cages!

Transporting materials and inventory is made simple with aluminum security carts. Using an industrial storage cart will improve your material handling efficiency. This would be a great storage options for tools. It would provide a central and secure space to store frequently used items. Forget lugging tools back and forth by hand – this is a much faster option! It’s equipped with four 5″ casters. Two are rigid and two swivel. This combination makes it easy to navigate your workspace while also giving you control.

It is made up of solid aluminum, so it will never rust or corrode. A solid aluminum security cart is great for storing and transporting damp inventory. Because it can stand up to moist conditions, it’s a must have for the food service and agriculture industries! There are louvers where the doors and sides meet that allow for airflow, which is ideal for food service operations.

The construction gives the cage its durability. The base is made of ⅛” Sheet and is reinforced with 1-¼” x 1-½” x .070” wall tube. 2-¾” x 4” x ⅜” thick pre-tapped caster plates are welded to the base. This gives the cage a stable foundation. The back of cage is made of solid ⅛” sheet. It’s notched to accommodate the shelving. The door and sides are made of ⅛” sheet. The door is reinforced with 1”x1”x.070” wall tube.

The unit measures 48 1/2″ wide, 70″ tall and 25 1/4″ deep. The shipping weight is 235 pounds.


-Welded construction

-Aluminum will never rust or corrode

-Improve security

-Increase efficiency