Aluminum Nestable Z Tray Racks

Z Type Nesting Bun Pan Rack. New. Mobile. Open sides, with slides for (20) – 18″ x 26″ pans. Slides on approximately 3″ centers. Front loading. Includes (4) – 5″ platform casters. NSF Approved. Weight: 68 LBS. Part Number: 1331Z

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Aluminum Nestable Z Tray Racks are a HUGE space saver! Not only do they help you save space when in use, they can be folded to be stored when not in use! That’s right! The “Z” element makes them nestable. This is a hugely helpful when space is tight!

Aluminum tray racks are on wheels and are used with removable trays. They’re an incredibly useful addition to your operation! They maximize storage density by using vertical space. Nestable tray racks allow you to clear your counters and floors and store more. They can hold up to 20 18″ x 26″ removable trays to help you maximize your space. The design promotes equal weight distribution by supporting trays by the bottom and not just the lip.

Nestable racks can be used to transport materials and inventory. Imagine how much faster you could move inventory with tray racks as opposed to moving things by hand! The rack comes on four 5″ heavy duty casters to make it easy to navigate through your space.

Welded construction gives the rack stability and durability to last for years to come. The supporting cross braces have gussets to prevent “racking”. Heavy duty aluminum tube and angle slides also increase the strength and durability of the rack. The “Z” is made of three 1” x 2” tubes and gives the rack a strong foundation.

Because they’re made of aluminum, these Z tray racks are guaranteed to be corrosion and rust free for as long as you use them! They would make a great addition to food service and agriculture operations because they can stand up to wet environments.

The shipping weight is 68 pounds. It ships assembled so you can use it right away.

When not in use, simply fold them up and store them! The “Z” shaped bars make them nestable but don’t take away any of your storage space! Nestable Z Tray Racks are a great solution if you need to change the configuration of your space frequently.


-Rust and corrosion resistant


-Easy to store when not in use


-Maximize space

-Increase storage density