The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused many logistics headaches, including increased prices, longer lead times, limited supplies, rising steel prices, and much more.

Many warehouses have long relied on overseas providers for their warehouse materials. But because of the pandemic, it’s taking between 17-20 weeks for products from overseas to be delivered, which is causing massive delays and costing companies a lot of money and customers. 

Increased steel prices are also contributing to the limited supply of products. When inventory is available, it’s in such high demand that it sells quickly and is much more expensive than usual. So what can you do when you’ve got an operation to run? 

We have a complete line of products made in America. Because these products are made in the USA, we are able to get them to you faster and for better prices than overseas providers. But don’t be fooled, just because our prices are more affordable doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing any quality. 

These products are reliable and hardworking, just like you.

Shipping containers are understandably in high demand. We have a great variety of rigid wire containers and corrugated steel containers for shipping, handling, and storage. Both are heavy duty and can stand up to a fast-paced operation. Plus, they’re easy to sanitize and won’t rust – a must these days. 

We have a full selection of reliable shelving too, from boltless shelving to steel shelving. Both are great options for grab and go and command-center areas. Plus, you can easily see what you’re storing, which is important when your space is limited. 

Speaking of limited space, rack storage can help you maximize your space and cut down on pick times. Racks also help organize your space. The racks are designed for easy retrieval, which can help keep your operation running on schedule. We’re pleased to offer you a large selection from American suppliers. 

Pallet racks are some of our most popular products. You can access them from all sides, which helps you fulfill orders faster. They’re durable, dependable, and get the job done. They’re a staple for many operations – it’s clear why! 

Cantilever racks, structural pallet racks, and roll out shelf racks are all excellent options for storing heavy duty materials. Cantilever racks are great for long, awkward materials. You can store so much more than you did before, and you can quickly glance and see what you have. Plus – retrieval is SO simple. 

Roll out shelf racks are commonly used to store mold and die racks. The shelves slide out, which provides better and safer access to the inventory. No one has to strain to reach products, and you’re able to store more and keep them off the floor. A win-win-win! 

Coil is definitely something you want to keep off the floor. It’s big and bulky and can create a tripping hazard. Getting coil into coil racks helps you store more and secures the coils in place. Plus, storing them properly can help protect them from damage. 

Wire partitions are another great American-made product. They’re an excellent addition to any operation because they’re so versatile. They can help transform an existing space without calling in the construction crew. Wire partitions can be especially helpful for securing your inventory or tools. They can also be used to help with social distancing and creating zones in the warehouse. The space can remain well-ventilated, which is especially important these days! 

Don’t forget about pallets! These guys take a beating, so you need something that is built to last. We have both steel pallets (easy to clean!) and Trex lumber pallets (they’re actually plastic – so also easy to clean!) Both are great options. The steel pallets will pay for themselves in no time. The plastic pallets might be the budget pick, but they won’t split or crack and get the job done. 

We know times are tough. We are here to support you and bring you the greatest selection of American-made products at the best prices. Talk to one of our experts today – we’re here to help! Call 1-800-763-9020.