The age old question: Wire containers with standard feet vs. wire containers with custom heavy duty feet. Which is better? Let us set the record straight. It’s our educated opinion that our collapsible wire basket with standard feet perform just as good as our baskets with heavy duty feet.

The feet on our standard wire baskets are robotically seam welded and also low profile (less catch points than the heavy duty foot). Because of the extra, and more precise welding, our current foot is awesome and really doesn’t need to be changed out. If you wanted them changed out to enlarged feet with gusset we can certainly do so but that would increase the cost and add longer lead time.

In closing, we feel that the feet on our wire baskets are the best in the industry. By investing in a wire basket with quality feet you are increasing the durability and longevity of your investment. You’ll be getting a wire basket that will be around for years to come.

Wire Basket With Standard Foot
Wire Basket with Enlarged Foot & Gusset