These photos show the difference between our heavy duty I-beam storage racks and someone who thought they were saving some money. There really is a difference between tool & die rack made of standard structural c-channel components and rack made with our heavy duty structural I-beams with 50 KSI. 

Turns out the customer that supplied these pictures called us back and asked if we could do this correctly after having waisted thousands of dollars, lost time and a work place incident. We supplied our heaviest duty structural I-beam injection mold, tool & die storage racks and solved the problem. Let us solve problems for you. Email us at or call us at 800-763-9020 to discuss tool storage tips. We can help you find a way to store tools and dies properly, as well as organize your warehouse with durable products.

The picture below is of an inexpensive die storage project provided by our competition. When we got there they had bulldozers on the other side of the wall making room for more storage space.. we just took the whole thing down and gave them a tool and die rack that was taller, stored more dies and told them to enjoy the extra space… The ROI compared to new construction was a no brainer.