Wire Partion Machinery Guards
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Wire Partition Machine Guarding | Machine Guards

Wire Partition Machinery Guard Enclosure / Cages are offered in a variety of lengths, widths, heights and configurations. We can offer them as  one sided in a single run, 2 sided, 3 sided or 4 sided in a square configuration. Includes hinged or sliding gate or gates. Custom cut outs available. Color: Safety Yellow. Please send us a drawing or rough sketch of what you want and we will send you a quote. Send drawing to sales@rackandshelf.com or call 800-763-9020 to discuss.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Wire mesh safty gaurds keep people safely away from machinery and also protects machinery from damage by forklifts. It is used in both manufacturing and material handling. Wire mesh partitions have been used as machinery guards for many years. Wire mesh machine guarding fences create a physical barrier between man and machine. Our wire mesh safety guards provide protection from automated equipment while being versatile, attractive and affordable.

You want to create a safe area for machinery but you don’t have the time to halt operations and hire a contractor. We highly recommend wire mesh safety guards because they provide maximum results with minimal disruption. You can create a safe area without getting a construction crew involved.

The installation is easy, and you can customize the partitions to meet your needs. So easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Wire partition machinery guards have given our wire mesh partition line a MAJOR boost. We’re literally selling tons of steel mesh panels that are used to build custom configured wire partitions and cages that guard people from machines. Yes, it sounds like something from a science fiction novel but it’s true – robotics in manufacturing is here to stay. Manufacturing facilities are required to guard their machinery and wire partition machine guarding fences are the best solution!

Our wire mesh safety guards are designed to meet OSHA, ANSI and Robotic Safety Specifications. Wire cages help to reduce workplace injuries. They are designed to meet safety guidelines which stipulate an acceptable distance from pinch points that could cause injury. Machine guarding is serious business. Wire partition machine guarding fences help prevent crushed fingers and hands, amputations, eye injuries and even death.

These partitions are clearly marked and easily identifiable with their safety yellow color so you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally stumbling into the area and severely injuring themselves.

Wire mesh machine guarding fences are constructed of 2″ x 2″ square posts and 8-GA welded wire mesh panels engineered to exceed safety guidelines in your facility. Machine guarding wire panels provide the highest level of protection. Our wire mesh safety guards are offered a variety of standard sizes that can ship from stock. They are fast and easy to install using a patented hook and fastener system. They can be configured as partitions or enclosures with swing out or sliding doors with heavy grade locks for added security.

Wire mesh machine guarding systems are used by the nations largest manufacturers (like Columbia Machine) to prevent injuries. It is a required accessory to industrial and commercial machinery and equipment. Wire machine guards are not mounted to the machine but offset to create a barrier between machine and personnel. It is ideal for guarding machinery, robotics, presses, AS/RS, carousels and automatic pallet handling cells.

Think of us for all of your machinery guarding needs. Call one of our representatives today at 800-763-9020 and get your machinery guarding problems behind you!