Pallet racks are excellent storage options. They’re efficient, they’re durable, and they’re easily accessible. But it’s important to remember to use them safely.

When inventory is pushed too far back on the pallet rack, it creates a big safety risk. Inventory can fall off the back of the rack and into the aisle. We don’t think we have to tell you how damaging that can be.

Many companies have experienced several significant accidents where a pallet and/ or product was pushed out of the rack during the put away process. Many order pickers and forklifts don’t have overhead safety covers and incidents like this can create significant risk to employees safety. The risk must be eliminated immediately.

The goal of a pallet push through prevention initiative are to identify potential points of failure in your rack system which could result in pallets or product being pushed through the rack into the adjacent aisle. The next step is to design a plan to eliminate these safety risks.  

In an effort to help create safer work environments and join a country-wide initiative to prevent pallet-push through accidents, we wanted to share some products to use with your pallet racks to help prevent accidents.

Worldstop Single and Double Pallet Safety Stops are placed strategically and create a stopping point that prevents the inventory from moving the point of safety. In addition to keep inventory from falling off and causing an accident, they also help you keep a safe flue space.

The 12″ double stop for back to back rows provides a pallet stop but also provides a 6″ flue space on each side of the rack. This may be the easiest install of all of the available options and can be done in house or by an outside install crew.

They’re easy to install and can be used on single row applications and back-to-back racks. The heavy-duty finish makes it a durable choice that can stand up to the daily grind. Little to no upkeep required. Available for single or double / back to back row configurations.

Pallet Load Stop Beams are attached to the back of rack and run from beam to beam. The also create a stopping point that prevents pallets from sliding too far back. Pallet load stop beams allow for a 3″ pallet overhang, which creates a safe amount of space.

The 96″ beam with 3″, 4″ or 6″ offset attached to the front teardrop holes allowing for standard 3″ pallet overhang. Relatively easy to install with no hardware required. Standard teardrop beams have piston style auto locks that secure them in place.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so it’s important to let us know the original manufacturer of your rack. Although they don’t fit every rack, installation is easy because our teardrop end plates have standard piston locks which allow for easy installation and keep beams securely fastened to the uprights.

Wire Rack Guards can enclose the whole back part of your rack to keep product from falling into the aisle. But you can also leave sections open, which makes it a flexible and versatile option for preventing inventory or pallets from falling. It’s really inexpensive and improves the safety of you operation.

They require minimal installation, so you won’t lose valuable time or money. And the wire mesh design makes it easy to see inventory in single row applications. You get great visibility without sacrificing security. This is a must-have for earth-quake protection too!

Another option is to attach nylon netting to the back of your pallet rack. This is an inexpensive solution that has two installation options. You can choose flush mount installation if you don’t require an overhang. You can also choose offset installation, which allows for a 3″ or more overhang.

Pallet rack safety netting can be used on single rows or double / back to back rows. The netting can have an offset for pallet overhang or can set flush to the back of the rack. The cost is not so much in the netting as it is in the install of the netting. Let’s say it can be difficult to install, especially in a back to back row. This option may shut down entire aisle for a longer period of time during install. Known issues associated with cables used to add rigidity.  

They are securely attached through either durable nylon tie wraps in the case of mount installation, or cable and brackets in the case of offset installation.

Pallet Straps, also known as safety straps, are another great option. They are secured to the back of the rack and keep inventory in place. The install is easy, and the price is right! This is a great solution because it is easy to remove when needed but stands up to the job!

The 8′ long x 2″ high polyester straps attached to the teardrop hole pattern in your existing bays of pallet rack. They hare very strong with a  2400 lbs. capacity per strap. You can use 1, 2 or 3 straps per bay. Put near bottom of location so pallet makes contact with the strap. Easy to install.

With so many options and price points, there’s no reason not to secure your inventory on the shelf and prevent accidents. We’d love to help you improve the safety of your operation. Give us a call 1-800-763-9020 or contact us here.