Even before COVID-19, many consumers were buying online more and more. And they weren’t just buying novelty items or things hard to find in stores. They were stocking up on their pantry supplies or ordering groceries in just a few minutes. 

But as COVID-19 made it harder to find pantry staples and made leaving the house an infrequent experience, more shoppers migrated online than ever before. This trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. In fact, many brick and mortar stores announced they wouldn’t re-open their physical locations and would operate solely online. 

Consumers have grown to love the convenience of ordering their daughter’s birthday present, next week’s groceries, and dog food all without leaving the couch. But in the supply chain management industry, you know there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make these things happen.

As you know, e-commerce is supported through company owned DC’s (distribution centers) and through 3PL’s (third party logistics companies). And the third piece of the puzzle is equipment to help streamline the process and keep everything running smoothly. But just any equipment won’t do. You need products that are going to increase storage density and picking efficiency, while at the same time ensuring worker safety through ergonomic order picking. 

There are several products RackandShelf.com supplies that will help with e-commerce operations and help your organization thrive as the e-commerce demand increases. We think these are six products that will help your operation thrive during this e-commerce boom and beyond! We supply pallet racks, wire decking, steel shelving, flow racks and roll out racks and rolling carts that are used in e-commerce product distribution.

  1. Pallet Racks: There’s a reason pallet racks are a must-have in the warehouse. They’re durable, long-lasting, they help improve organization, and they’re easy to access no matter the angle. Easy access is key to quick picking times and to maximizing how much you’re able to store. 
  1. Wire decking is versatile and works for both pallet and hand-stacked storage. They safely support pallets stored in the rack and prevent product fall-through. They can be used in both pallet rack and shelving and complies with all fire codes.
  1. Steel shelving is another great option for fast-paced order picking because of its durability. After all, we’re talking about steel here, so you know these shelves will stand up to the grind and will last you for years to come! The design makes retrieval so simple. You can quickly see what you’re storing, grab what you need and go! Plus, you can choose from a variety of shelf heights to make it easy to store inventory of all shapes and sizes.
  1. Flow racks: If you’re looking to increase picking efficiency and ergonomics (why wouldn’t you be?) then look no further than flow racks. Flow racks do exactly what you’d think – they improve the flow of inventory and make retrieval a breeze! Flow racks are ideal for FIFO picking (first in, first out) or if you have large volumes of the same SKU. Boxes can be loaded on the back of the shelf and flow to the front. They help you work smarter, not harder, which allows you to get products to the customer’s doorstep faster. 
  1. Rollout racks have become our number one product and for good reason. Their design makes retrieval so simple. You just have to roll the shelf out and grab what you need! This keeps pickers from having the bend down and reach under beams, which prevents straining and fatigue. We have a variety of styles and options to make picking easy regardless if you’re picking something lightweight or heavy. 

Both of these are great options because they increase storage density, increase picking efficiency and aid in safe ergonomic order picking by bringing the boxes to the picker. All of these factors are so important in today’s e-commerce based economy.

  1. Rolling carts make it so easy to transport inventory. Efficient picking is so important, but you can’t let it all fall apart when it comes time to move the inventory. Rolling carts are an excellent solution for getting your inventory from point A to point B in no time. The open design makes it easy to see what you’re transporting, which will help cut down on mistakes. Plus, rolling carts allow you to move more than just one person could carry. 

The right equipment will help improve storage density and picking efficiency while keeping your employee safe. This combination will set you apart from the competition and thrive in the e-commerce landscape!