Span-Track Carton Flow


  • FOR 42″ OVERALL FRAME DEPTH: 36″ Long x 12″ wide Low Profile Span-Track Carton Flow Tracks. New. 40 lbs. capacity per foot without intermediate beams. Aluminum Rollers on 2″ centers. Weight: 10 LBS. Part Number: 99S2R122X36 *NOTE: Also available in 36″ or 48″ frame depths
  • FOR 96″ OVERALL DEPTH: 90″ Long x 12″ wide Low Profile Span-Track carton flow tracks. New. Aluminum rollers. Rollers on 2″ centers. Designed for back-to-back rows of rack utilizing a 42″ frame + 12″ row spacer + 42″ frame. 40 LBS capacity per square foot. Weight: 27 LBS. Part Number: 99S2R122X90
  • Span-Track 12″ Hangers for 2.75″ Step Beams. Weight: .88 LBS. Part Number: 98H212
  • Span-Track 9″ Hangers for 2.75″ Step Beams. Weight: .65 LBS. Part Number: 98H29


NOTES: Available in different sizes. We recommend you use 7 – 12″ wide span track lanes per 96″ wide shelf. Sold individually per lane or track. Estimated Lead Time: 4-6 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: NJ 08701

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Rack integrated Span-Track carton flow tracks, a breakthrough in carton flow!

Introducing the revolutionary new Span-Track carton flow tracks. They’re your BEST carton flow choice when storing larger, heavier boxes, crates and totes. The full width rollers that make up the carton flow tracks are heavy duty and designed to have boxes thrown on and off its deck. It offers the unique combination of economy, high capacity, durability and superior flow.

We understand flow is crucial. If you’re looking to improve your flow, and in turn your efficiency, span track will exceed your expectations.

Unlike other styles of carton flow (like QuikPik) it can be added to your existing pallet rack. Simply drop it over the front and back beam of your pallet rack. Span Track takes advantage of the strength of your rack structure making maximum use of your racks capacity. No shelves or intermediate supports are necessary. It offers greater flexibility, capacity and unsupported spans. It is designed to fit existing pallet rack specs and easy to relocate for SKU changes.

You’ll be moving inventory quickly, but these tracks can really stand up to the quick pace and rough treatment. They’re made from high quality materials, so you’ll be using these for a long time to come.

I can’t tell you how many times I have received calls from people wanting to buy replacement blue plastic wheels for their QuikPik carton flow rack systems. With Span-track the primary cost is in the tracks themselves. There is very little installation or maintenance cost required. Therefore you will reap the savings for many years to come. If you have a requirement that involves the flowing and picking of heavy boxes and cartons than Span-Track should be your first choice!

We really like to recommend this solution because it makes such a big difference. Installation is easy. You’ll make up installation time quickly with your improved efficiency!

Span-track has so many advantages over traditional plastic wheel carton flow rack systems that it sells itself!

Available Span Track Widths:

6″, 9″, 12″ and 15″ lane widths

Two Span-Track Carton Flow Models Available:

Low Profile (Most Popular) – Installs between pallet rack beams by use of front & rear beam hangers, saving vertical space for higher density live storage. Track lengths are available in 1″ increments to fit all pallet rack dimensions. Drop-in design allows for easy addition to your existing rack without tools.

High Profile– Installs on pallet rack beams. Can overhang front and/or back for contouring racks. Ideal for loose pick applications. Fully adjustable left, right, front & back. The front end of pan track acts as a raised carton stop. The rear end has a load bar to withstand impact loading. Both ends have 2″ label holders built right in. Requires Retainer angle mount on full length of front & rear beam.

Span-Track Carton Flow Features and Benefits:
• Perfect solution for picking of boxes. Offers first in / first out (FIFO) stock rotation
• Easy drop-in installation by one worker, no tools required
• 75% savings in install of Span-Track vs. other systems. Installs in a fraction (1/3) of the time required of traditional plastic wheel carton flow systems
• You can add it to any existing pallet rack system
• Up to 50 lbs. per ft. Capacity
• Durable steel construction can withstand the rigors of active warehouses and sub-assembly plants

Let’s Talk about the pallet rack that is used to support the span track:

  • Span Track is designed to set in pallet rack. Pallet rack consists of green (or blue) vertical upright frames and orange horizontal load beams.
  • The green (or blue) upright frames are available in standard heights of 96″, 120″, 144″, 168″, 216″ or 240″ heights. upright frames are available in standard depths of 36″, 42″ or 48″ (measured outside to outside)
  • The orange step beams (called step beams because they have a 1-5/8″ step) are available in standard lengths of 48″, 96″, 108″, 120″ and 144″ in length.
  • The pallet rack can be configured in a single bay or section (with upright depth at 36″, 42″ or 48″ deep) or a back to back or double deep bay utilizing two 42″ deep uprights spaced 12″ apart that give you a 96″ deep carton flow system.
  • A section (or bay) of pallet rack is shown in bottom left picture (the one with guy standing in front of it). A section or bay of pallet rack is typically 8′ tall x 48″ deep x 96″ wide consisting of two uprights and 2 beams per shelf level.

TIP FROM A PRO: Span Track is great if you are flowing boxes of similar size and width. If you are flowing a variety of different sized boxes in the same flow lane (As shown in last picture) they may overlap the span track and impede the other lanes. If you are flowing a variety of box sizes you should consider upgrading to a staggered wheel carton flow rack system.