ProDeck50 50 Percent Open Flat Steel Pallet Rack Decking

23.5″ wide x 38-5/16″ deep Fifty Percent Open (50% Open Area) Perforated Steel Pallet Rack Plank Decking. New. 22 GA. steel. 1,200 lbs. / piece. Requires 4 Pieces Per 96″ Wide Deck level. 1,200 LBS per Piece x 4 PCS = 4,800 LBS capacity per shelf level. Shelf Size: 42″ d. x 96″ w. Nominal. Pre-Galvanized Finish. Weight: 16 LBS. Part Number: PD23538C2 NOTE: Our punched open metal decking is designed to fit into standard 1-5/8″ step beams.

NOTES: Often used to replace wire decking in pallet rack system. We supply (4) – 23.5″ wide pieces on a standard 96″ beam level. Est. Lead Time: 4-5 weeks. FOB: CA 92647. Ships best way pre-paid & add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit. (Ships Class 55)

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

ProDeck50 50% open steel decking is specifically designed for pallet rack, bulk rack, boltless steel shelving! Fifty percent open pallet rack decking is flat, smooth and has a non flammable open design that allows for full coverage from overhead sprinkler systems. The biggest advantage is that it meets NFPA fire safety requirements and keeps you in compliance with Fire Marshall codes and Insurance Companies regulations.

Our OpenDeck60 rack decking is the most versatile fifty percent open shelf deck in the Material Handling Industry! Offering a flat smooth surface that is great for storing small boxes and has a 50% open area for Fire Safety. This perforated deck is NFPA approved because it allows sprinklers to operate at full capacity soaking all levels and helping prevent fires.

50 percent open pallet rack decking is versatile and has many advantages. it’s flat, smooth, strong, doesn’t tear up boxes and doesn’t catch shirt sleeves. It is close to being the perfect pallet rack decking. In a world of wire decking, punch deck and bar grating, ProDeck50 has certainly found it’s niche of the market. Our 50 percent open decking is more versatile and can do things other decks cannot.

Fifty percent open pallet rack decking is stronger than wire decking.  Heavy applications have been known to destroy wire decking – making it look like it was ran over by a truck. Our 50% open decking is strong and doesn’t use tek screws that are used with punch decking. Punched corrugated decking can require 8-12 tek screws per shelf. Installers charge up to $0.25 per tek screw to install. Re-adjusting beam levels with punch deck is also more difficult because you have to unscrew them.

We can get real creative with our plank style decking. We can splice decks together to create very large shelf spaces – up to 60′ long x 12′ deep. We can design our perforated rack decking to meet your specific needs. We need to know the box/ pallet size, box/ pallet weight and how you handle your boxes and pallets. Competitors sometimes quote the lightest capacity based on UDL (uniform distributed load) without considering how pallets and boxes are handled. Sometimes boxes and pallets are slammed or thrown onto shelves. It is important to remember to instruct personnel to set product down on decking and avoid impacts. In decking impact is bad and requires you use greater deck capacity.

We also have a Versa Shelf support that attaches to the upright column eliminating the need for beams. This product in some cases can gain you an additional shelf level because of it’s low profile. ProDeck50 can also be supplied in 24″ x 48″ size for Rivitier boltless shelving. Fifty Percent Open pallet rack decking has won us some pallet rack and shelving jobs because of it’s many advantages and affordable price.


Advantages of our ShelfDeck50 50 percent open pallet rack decking:

  • Easy drop in installation.
  • Can drop into pallet rack standard 1-5/8″ step beams or create shelves without beams.
  • High capacity with standard thicknesses from 18-22 GA and up to 14-16 GA for heavy loads.
  • Long lasting, durable, corrosion resistant galvanized finish.
  • 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-5/8″, 2″ profile available
  • Lengths up to 96″
  • Panel widths from 17-5/8″ to 24-1/2″