Aisle Shield

(4) – 96″ W. x 48″ H. Aisle Shield. New. Color: Black. Weight: 69 LBS. Part Number: AS09648. These panels are stacked and attached to back of pallet rack using eye-bolts.

(24) – 7-1/2″ x 3/8″ Eye Bolt Spacer Clips. New. (Requires 4 spacers per panel.) (For 6″ offset). Weight: 6 LBS. Part Number: RC0600

(1) – Crating Charge. Part Number: PK-M02

(1) – Black touch up paint. Aerosol Can. Part Number: AW09

(1) – Installation Instruction Book. (Put in hardware box). Part Number: INSTALL-AS

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Look out below! Aisle Shield prevent boxes from falling off the back of pallet rack shelf into the Aisle and onto Someone’s Head! But please be very clear. Aisle Shield is Rack Guard’s (AKA Rack Back) little brother. It is Lighter strength and capacity than Rack Guard and designed to prevent light weight boxes from falling to the aisle.

If you’re a warehouse or big box store you need to protect your aisles with Aisle Guards. These pallet racking protectors prevent boxes from falling off the back of pallet rack and into your aisles. This product is most like safety netting but it’s made durable, long lasting steel wire mesh panels (We offer Rack Guard which is heavier duty and more expensive). Get durability and cost savings with Aisle Shield. Aisle Guard is more cost effective and more popular than Rack Guard. This pallet racking protection system works in most applications.

The advantage that aisle guard has over nylon netting is that it is a pallet racking protector easier to design and install. Nylon netting requires that you go out in the warehouse and take extensive measurements. Rack guard just retrofits to the back of your rack system. Same measurements as your pallet rack with matching beam width. We offer standard offsets to allow for your pallet overhang.

Aisle Guard Shields retrofit to the back of your existing pallet rack. Just place the wire panels up against the rack and secure it with eyebolts that attach into the teardrop holes of you uprights. It’s an easy to install, attractive in appearance and affordable pallet racking protection system.

Aisle Shield is the economical answer to aisle safety. An extension support is available to support Aisle shield panels that extend above pallet rack height. The Aisle Shield design features heavy duty 8-Gauge welded wire, stiffened with innovative longitudinal flutes. This rack guard pallet racking protection product is easy to install with eyebolts provided. Aisle shield combines simple and fast installation with rigid protection of steel.

Rack Guard is Aisle Shields big brother. It’s heavier duty and used to prevent heavier boxes from falling off the back of the rack. It can be used to completely enclose a section of pallet rack. We have back panels, side panels and swinging gates that attach to pallet rack. Offset clips allow for pallet overhang. Rack guard can protect products and personnel. It will prevent boxes from falling into aisle and work areas.

Why choose nylon netting when you can have steel and wire Aisle Shield?

Advantages of Aisle Shield:

• High-visibility wire mesh panels attach to back of pallet rack using specially designed eyebolts

• The eyebolts allow for an offset – away from the back of the rack up to 6 inches

• Flush mount is also available (with 1” offset to allow for wire decking overhang, and so that the beam can be removed without disturbing the panel).

• Protect aisles – Prevents boxes from falling off the back of pallet rack into aisles

• Meets the increasing demands of regulatory agencies for fall protection of pallet racks

• Aisle Shield is the ultimate in pallet rack aisle protection

• The open wire mesh encloses the rack while still providing inventory visibility

• Aisle Guard has extension supports that guard above the pallet rack height

• Finished in a high quality Safety Yellow polyurethane paint finish

• All orders are crated