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PALLET RACK SAFETY WITH WIRE MESH PANELS – Prevent items from falling into the aisle with Rack Safety Panels. Modular sized panels mount directly to pallet rack. Offset brackets allow for pallet overhang. Our “Above the top” kit allows you to extend panel above top beam level.  4′ and 5′ panel heights most common. 1′-12′ wide panels available in one-foot increments. Stock panels can ship within 48 hours. Custom sizes available just call 800-763-9020. 


  • 96″ W. x 48″ H. Wire Partition Rack Guard. New. Colors: Yellow or Gray. Weight: 70 LBS. Part Number: RGW804
  • 144″ W. x 48″ H. Wire Partition Rack Guard. New. Colors: Yellow or Gray. Weight: 82 LBS. Part Number: RGW1204
  • 96″ W. x 60″ H. Wire Partition Rack Guard. New. Colors: Yellow or Gray. Weight: 70 LBS. Part Number: RGW805
  • 144″ W. x 60″ H. Wire Partition Rack Guard. New. Colors: Yellow or Gray. Weight: 82 LBS. Part Number: RGW1205
  • 6″ panel Clips. New. (Requires 4 spacers per panel.)
  • Crating Charge
  • Yellow or Gray touch up paint. Aerosol Can.
  • Installation Instruction Book. (Put in hardware box)

NOTES: Pallet Rack Back Guard. In stock, allow est. 4-5 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: Denver, NC 28037 or Louisville, KY 40214

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Pallet Rack Guard helps prevent accidents in the warehouse! Rack back attaches to pallet rack and helps prevent boxes and pallets from falling on your head! Wire Partition Rack Guard offers Safety and Security. 

Pallet Rack Guard helps prevent materials from falling off shelves and into aisle ways. Pallet rack back guard is stackable wire panels that are attached to the back of selective pallet rack using spacer clips. The open wire mesh encloses the rack while still providing inventory visibility. Pallet Rack Guard has extension supports that guard above the pallet rack height.

It’s become wildly popular due to ever increasing regulatory agency requirements on protecting aisles in workplaces, warehouses and big box retail stores. In the event of an earthquake if racks were to shake RackBack would help prevent boxes from falling off the racks and into the aisles. The liability is too great to not purchase these low cost wire rack guard panels. Yes, you heard right, I said low cost. You will be surprised at how relatively inexpensive these wire panels are.

Racks take lots of abuse from forklifts. A rack guard helps to keep everything in place in case a forklift bumps your upright. This helps to keep the area safe and secure. Rack guards also help to keep your inventory safe.

Rack guards can help to limit access to inventory. This is a great option if you have sensitive materials.

You’re able to choose if you want to leave certain sections open. These are easy to add to your existing system.

Increased safety, easy installation and affordable? Pallet rack guards are a great addition to your system!

Our high-quality, low-cost steel pallet rack back guard helps prevent items from falling, making them an essential addition to your pallet rack system. This new innovative design features back panels, side panels and swinging gates that attach to pallet rack. Pallet rack guard protects products and personnel. All orders are crated to help prevent damage in shipping. Call 800-763-9020 for low pricing today!

Wire Rack Guard has so many advantages over nylon netting. If you think you are saving money on nylon netting think again. By the time you add cost of hardware and pullies required for nylon netting the savings are gone. If you ask an installer which they would prefer to install, wire partition rack guard or nylon netting they will choose the wire rack guard every time. Rack Guard is easier to install, easier to disassemble and easier to reconfigure.

Pallet Rack Back Guard Features and Benefits:
• Pallet rack back guard can be used to completely enclose a section of pallet rack
• Available in stock widths from 7 to 10 feet and heights from 3 to 5 feet
• Typical size is 8’ wide x 4’ high stackable wire mesh panels attach to the back of pallet rack section with the use of spacer clips
• To be specific, these wire mesh panels are constructed of heavy duty, 2” x 2” x 8 GA square welded wire mesh welded into heavy angle iron frame for longevity and dependability
• Finished in a high quality, high visibility Safety Yellow polyurethane paint finish
• Wire Panels can fit flush to the back of the rack or be offset using offset brackets
• Offset clips allow for pallet overhang
• They prevent palletized loads and boxes from falling into aisles and work areas

ModelHt.W.Wt.Spacer Clips
RG08000-0300036″8′38RC0000 – 4″ – All
RG09000-0300036″9′42RC0600 – 6″ – 4.73
RG12000-0300036″12′54RC1000 – 10″
RG08000-0400048″8′45Spacer Clips Required 4 per panel