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We can design teardrop pallet rack systems in almost any configuration you want. Please call us at 800-763-9020 or email sales@rackandshelf.com. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and find a rack system that fits your needs. NOTES: In stock, allow est. 5-7 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 125.  FOB: St. Louis, MO 63025, Chicago, IL 60160, Sumter, SC 29154, Dallas, TX 75006 and San Diego, CA 92154

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Teardrop Rack is the King of Rack! It’s known the world over a being the original, the standard setter, the number one style of pallet rack in the world!

RackandShelf.com represents some of the Nation’s largest manufacturers of roll formed teardrop pallet racks. Teardrop rack is the universal rack system. All manufacturer’s make a knock off or interchange. The term “Teardrop” refers to the teardrop shape of the hole-pattern on the face or front of the upright column.

Our teardrop industrial shelving is designed for durability and value. We believe we have the lowest tear drop rack prices in the entire country. Teardrop style pallet rack is called “Selective racking” because of it offers tremendous selectivity. You are able to access every pallet in a selective rack system from the aisle.

Teardrop rack is the most economical and efficient way to store pallets or bulk boxes and maximize valuable storage space in your warehouse. As the owner or leaser of a warehouse you must realize that you are paying for every square foot of space and to not maximize that space is a waste of money.

If this is your first teardrop industrial shelving system, you’re looking at the right system. Its reputation precedes it and for good reason. You won’t find better efficiency and durability in a racking system. This teardrop industrial shelving is also very versatile and allows you to easily access your rack.

This rack is certainly an investment in your operation. This rack is made from high quality materials and is made to last you for years to come. This is a great storage solution that will help you maximize your warehouse storage. You really can’t go wrong with the teardrop rack!

Features of our teardrop selective pallet rack systems include:
• Teardrop Upright Frames made of 12, 14 or 15 GA. roll formed steel columns with horizontal and diagonal welded or bolted bracing.
• Upright frames available in 4 column sizes: 3″ w. x 1-5/8″ d. x 15 Ga. steel column offering 15,000 lbs. capacity; 3″ x 3″ x 15 Ga. steel column with 17,200 lbs. capacity, 3″ x 3″ x 14 Ga. steel column with 23,600 lbs. capacity and 3″ x 3″ x 12 Ga. steel columns with 30,000 lbs. capacity. Capacities are based on beam levels spaced every 48″.
• Our heavy-duty uprights offer greater resistance, less torque for greater resistance to fork truck damage. Affordable rack reinforcement will increase rack life and save you from replacing damaged uprights.
• Standard upright color: Vista green or royal blue.
• Uprights have standard footplates with holes for anchoring to concrete floor. Special 5” x 7” enlarged seismic footplates are available.
• Standard step beam or load beam lengths range from 48″, 96″, 108″, 120″ & 144″ in length. We can manufacture beams from 48″ up to 192″ in length and just about anywhere in between.
• Teardrop Step Beams are made of 14 Ga. or 15 Ga. tubular steel include factory installed Auto lock Safety clip makes a clicking sound when beam is secure and prevents beams for dislodging. Full filet welds add to beams strength and durability.
• Step beam capacities range from 2200 lbs. capacity per pair of beams or shelf capacity to 8340 lbs. capacity per shelf level.
• Beams have a standard 1-5/8″ step for decking.
• Step beam end pieces have three or four high-strength button head studs on beam connector plate and self-locking piston beam connectors to insure beams stay connected to upright
• Safety orange beams allow lift truck drivers easy recognition of beam level at high elevations. Safety orange color aids in safe loading and unloading of racks.
• Pre-Drilled footpad or footplate with the standard two-hole pad makes lagging anchors into concrete floor easy. Also comes in 5″ w. x 7″ l. enlarged sized for some seismic applications. (Size and number of anchors required for seismic applications can only be determined by a professional engineer.)
• Upright Frames are made of two columns joined together by diagonal and horizontal Steel Bracing. We have high strength rolled steel bracing that is either welded or comes factory bolted with grade five serrated lock nuts. Our teardrop rack is manufactured to RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) Specifications.

You must purchase the proper rack accessories to insure a safe and successful rack installation:

Wire Decking is used to safely support full pallet loads or less than pallet load quantities. Advantages include self-cleaning: Dust and dirt doesn’t collect on shelves, overhead lights disperse through mesh decking and offers better product identification. With the rising price of wood and cut charges wire decking is becoming the most affordable and popular choice. Fire Marshall’s and insurance companies are often requiring wire or corrugated metal decking.
Pallet Supports are offered in lengths of 36”, 42” and 48”. Custom sizes available. The galvanized finish resists rust. Cross bars are an inexpensive way to safely support full pallet loads. (Use 2 or 3 under each pallet to support pallet load.)
• 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ Row Spacers: We strongly recommend you use row spacers to connect uprights together in back-to-back row. Makes Install Easier and rack rows straighter. Row spacers create a flue space that is helpful in burying building columns.
Column Protector/ Post Protectors. Safety Orange or Yellow. Requires floor anchor mounting. Protects upright column from forklift abuse.
• 4-1/4″ x ½” Steel Anchor Bolts. Secures upright legs to concrete slab floor. Shims. Levels upright on uneven concrete floor.

We stock Teardrop selective pallet racks and wire decking in the following locations: St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Denver, NC, Sumter, SC, Dallas, TX, Northern & Southern California. Step up to the quality and reliability of Warehouse Rack & Shelf when expanding your current rack system. We are your one source for all your storage needs. E-mail your requirement to sales@rackandshelf.com or Call us at (800)763-9020 to discuss your requirement.