Carpet or Vinyl Carousel

6′-3″ d. x 14′ w. x 18′-7″ h. O.D. (6′ d. x 12′ w. x 18-7″ h. I.D.)(Needs 12″ Height Clearance)  Carpet Carousel / Vinyl Carousel – Automated Vertical Carousel for the storage of Vinyl Rolls & Carpet Rolls. New. 12,000 lbs. capacity. Storage Capacity: 13 Poles x 3″ diameter at 33″ centers (Stores 13 rolls). Maximum Load Per Carrier: 750 LBS., Maximum not to exceed max. gross. Designed ot handle carpet rolls that are 28″-30″ Diameter x 12′ length & Vinyl Rolls that are 12″-15″ Diameter x 12′ length. Vertical carousel storage includes simple, basic controls that include safety Key-pad, Up and Down with Emergency stop.  Carousel brings rolls directly to operator with average retrieval time of 20 seconds.  Front Protection Guard: From the top of machine to approximately 72″ from the floor with 5″ wire mesh. Rear Protection Guard: From the top of machine to the floor with 5″ Wire Mesh. Power Requirements: 240 V or 480 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase power. UL Rated.  Customer to contract with licensed electrician. Vertical carousel storage unit ships knocked down and requires some assembly. Color: Dark Gray (other colors available). NOTE: Vertical Carousel unit requires 12″ clearance. Weight: 5,000 LBS. Part Number: JDA-1-12-144-RVC

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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A vinyl/carpet carousel is a great way to maximize your storage density and efficiency. This vinyl roll storage system is definitely a worthwhile investment in your operation.

The vertical design of the carousel helps you free up valuable floor space by storing up, instead of out. You can also lessen your use of forklifts or other equipment (which increases safety!) because of the motorized carousel. By using less equipment, you save valuable time and money.

Both the design and motorized carousel help maximize your space and time. This system is operated by pressing a button, so you don’t have to use multiple staff members to move inventory like you would with a traditional carpet roll display rack. You also don’t have to worry about storing extra equipment to help move inventory.
You can access inventory quickly and easily with the vinyl/carpet carousel. This type of storage system is especially popular among home center retailers and the automotive industry. Moving tires or carpet has never been easier with the vinyl/carpet carousel!

Depend on the Industry Leader in Vertical Motorized Storage Systems & Carousel Storage Systems. We supply vertical carpet carousel and vinyl carousel to the leading Home Center retailers, industrial, warehouse & distribution customers. Organize plastic totes, bins and boxes. Organize carpet rolls, tires, wire, cable and other spooled products with our vertical carousel storage. With the press of a button, the vertical carpet / vinyl carousel delivers the product to the desired location.

A motorized vertical vinyl / carpet carousel can handle everything from totes to tires, and industrial rolled goods to spools — and almost anything in between. Systems are UL listed and can be built in various heights and widths to accommodate hard-to handle materials. Vertical carpet / vinyl carousels can save up to 70% of the valuable floor space taken up by traditional storage solutions. These vertical carpet / vinyl carousel can also minimize dependence on forklifts and ladders and provide a more ergonomic workplace.

Vertical Vinyl / Carpet Carousels Are Designed For The following Applications:

Our tray storage carousels are the solution to your space problem. Utilize your vertical space and bring parts to the work level. Eliminate pallet rack, fork trucks and ladders.

Tire carousels can help you solve your tire storage problem. Tire are easily located-no more hunting for tires in a vast pile. Your employees will find retrieving and storing tires quick, easy and pain free; no more lifting or throwing tires in a second level.

Organize your wire, cable and other spooled products with a vertical carousel storage. Safely store and dispense wire and cable. No more lost time trying to find that reel of cable. Simply bring the roll to you with a motorized carousel.

Apparel carousels are designed to hold softline apparel, this carousel can help you reclaim lost space. A softline VC can store over 110 linear feet of apparel in only 17-1/2 feet!

Print cylinder storage carousels can organize, protect and manage your valuable print cylinders. We offer one of the finest vertical carousel storage units to store your print cylinders. Tested tough, a print cylinder carousel can handle up to 30,000 lbs.

Here is a list of differences between White Carousel’s and the carousels you see on this page:

  • White carousels are fully enclosed (paneled) machines; Our carousels are paneled on the sides and safety guarding front and rear
  • White Electrical controls are more expensive and extravagant; Our electrical controls are basic and robust
  • White Machines have a more complicated drive system (more parts) and conveyor method which stabilizes the shelves; Our drives and conveyor systems have less parts/cost and are not stabilized.
  • White Carousel’s along with others are what we like to think of as being in a different field or class. We have competitors we deal with for entry level vertical carousels but typically it’s not White. (The carousels pictured on this page are more like a Honda or a Ford and White is like a Porsche or Cadillac so to speak.)