Carpet Pole | Rug Ram

9′ L. x 2.75″ diameter Fork Mounted Carpet Pole. New. 108″ Pole Length. 142″ Overall Length including carriage. 1800# capacity at 72″ load center. Weight: 500 LBS. Part Number: CRF-108

10′ L. x 2.75″ diameter Fork Mounted Carpet Pole. New. 120″ Pole Length. 154″ Overall Length including carriage. 1800# capacity at 72″ load center. Weight: 525 LBS. Part Number: CRF-120

12′ L. x 2.75″ diameter Fork Mounted Carpet Pole. New. 144″ Pole Length. 178″ Overall Length including carriage. 1800# capacity at 72″ load center. Weight: 545 LBS. Part Number: CRF-144 (*MOST POPULAR SIZE)

NOTES: EST. Lead Time: 2-3 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Shipping weight 525 LBS) Freight estimate assumes dock-to-dock transit). Freight class 70. FOB: IN 46703


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108" Fork Mounted Carpet Pole $2,159.38 $2,039.38
120" Fork Mounted Carpet Pole $2,515.38 $2,395.38
144" Fork Mounted Carpet Pole $2,636.34 $2,516.34
Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Whether you call it a carpet pole or a rug ram – It’s used to handle rolls of carpet!

Moving rolls of carpet is not an easy task. They’re long, unwieldy and heavy. This can be a dangerous and time consuming job if you don’t have the correct carpet roll moving equipment.

Carpet poles are long steel poles that attach to the front of your forklift. Carpet poles are used by large scale carpet manufacturers’, distributors and dealers. Carpet poles are designed to transport and store rolls of carpet and vinyl flooring.

Transport rolls or coils with a fork mounted or carriage mounted rug ram. Forklift carpet poles can attach to the carriage or forks of a forklift. Carriage mount carpet poles are attached directly to the carriage of forklift and are a more permanent option.

Forklift carpet pole attachments are used to load and unload rolled materials into carpet racks. Carpet racks are 12’ wide x 12’ deep x 12’ tall storage racks with 3 shelf levels. The forklift, carpet pole and carpet rack are used together in the storage of carpet.

Forklift carpet poles make the transportation of carpet rolls much easier and more efficient. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. You’re able to move carpet roles much faster than you would if you did it by hand.

In addition to improving your efficiency, forklift carpet pole attachments help to improve safety. The machine takes all of the brunt instead of your personnel. Trying to move large, unwieldy things like carpet rolls poses a lot of risk for your employees. A carpet pole eliminates that problem!

Rug rams are offered in the following lengths and capacities:
• 108″ long @ 2,500 lbs. capacity
• 120″ long @ 2,200 lbs. capacity
• 144″ long @ 1,800 lbs. capacity

Carpet pole features include:
• 2-3⁄4″ diameter high strength, rotatable, replaceable pole has tapered tip
• Safety chain is included to secure unit to fork truck
• Carpet poles are available in either carriage or fork mounted style
• Fork mounted rug rams feature 7-1/2″w. x 2-1/2″ fork pockets on 24″ centers. Ram is secured to forks with T-handle locks

ModelDescriptionLengthPole Dia.Carriage ClassCapacity (lbs)Net Weight (lbs)
CRP-108Fork Mount – Inverted108″2.75″2,500526
CRP-120Fork Mount – Inverted120″2.75″2,200550
CRP-144Fork Mount – Inverted144″2.75″1,800570
CRF-108Fork Mounted108″2.75″2,500500
CRF-120Fork Mounted120″2.75″2,200525
CRF-144Fork Mounted144″2.75″1,800545

Additional Information

Weight450 lbs
Dimensions178 × 36 × 8 in
Carpet Pole Sizes

108″ Fork Mounted Carpet Pole, 120″ Fork Mounted Carpet Pole, 144″ Fork Mounted Carpet Pole