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DEA Approved Wire Security Cages for Pharmaceutical & Cannabis Industries

DEA approved 3 sided Woven Wire Cage with ceiling. 100′ W x 30′ L x 10’2″ H (flush to floor) with ceiling. Includes one 8’W x 10’H self-closing sliding door. Lockset– Best Cylinder (with core). (We will provide drawing for layout.) 10 GA x 2″ x 1″ woven rectangular opening. Finish: Powder coat gray paint.

NOTES: Wire security cages manufactured to DEA specifications. Please note, the installation of this DEA cage is the responsibility of the customer and in order to install it properly to meet DEA requirements, structure must be flush to floor in warehouse, have a self-closing door, and a ceiling. Each nut and bolt will need to be welded and seared to prevent tampering. This process may be time consuming so please inform your contractor so they aware of this when quoting installation.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

When you’ve been put in charge of safely securing drugs and controlled substances you need the job done right. Trust the professionals with over 30 years of experience supplying DEA cages!

DEA Cages are wire partitions designed to meet DEA specifications. Over the years we’ve supplied D.E.A approved wire security cages to some of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies including SSM Health Care, Forest Pharmaceutical and KV Pharmaceutical. These companies use wire mesh partitions as security cages for storage of controlled substances in their warehouses.

DEA drug storage cages are used by not only pharmaceutical companies but for record storage, warehousing, distribution centers, pharmacies, medical facilities and even medical marijuana dispensaries. Woven wire security cages can be used to safely and securely store just about anything.

We understand you have a serious job to do. These wire security cages are made from high quality materials, so you know they’ll stand up to the job. These are trusted in the healthcare field to protect medications. You’re able to create restricted access using DEA cages. This helps to protect staff members, visitors and patients.

These wire security cages can also help to provide organization in the workplace. It’s essential for pharmacists to keep medications separate and be able to clearly identify medications quickly. These wire cages provide a secure storage solution.

Wire enclosures are flexible and can be configured in any width, length or height you want. The wire partitions allow for easy ventilation and visibility without sacrificing security. Many medications need to be stored in certain temperatures or lighting, so these are ideal for secure storage.

When properly installed our wire mesh partitions meet the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s requirements for physical security of Schedule III through V controlled substances as outlined in Title 21 CFR Sections1301:72-1301.76 physical security controls. We can supply you with the name of a reputable installer who specializes in installing these special wire partitions.

You will be surprised at how affordable the wire cages really are. Yes, they have a serious job to do and they have to meets very specific requirements, but they are built of wire and steel. Let us help you design the right DEA approved security cage that meets your needs – and let us help you do it on budget.

Lock in the savings of DEA approved cages. Plus for a limited time we will throw in free shipping with your wire partition order!

DEA security cage installations have the following notable features:
• DEA approved cages have doors that must be self-closing and self-locking. We offer a number of standard and custom lock options to meet this requirement, as well a line of self-closing doors with mechanical and powered operators.
• DEA approved cages have walls constructed of not less than No.10 steel fabric with openings not more than 2-1/2″ across the square, mounted on steel posts, set no more than ten feet apart, with horizontal reinforcement. Our standard panels are maximum ten feet long, four or five feet tall, and are made of 2″ x 1″ opening 10 gauge steel wire. The frames of our panels satisfy the requirement for horizontal reinforcement every sixty inches.
• Walls shall be mounted to posts at least one inch diameter, lagged to the floor. Standard posts are 2″ square with base plates for floor anchoring welded to each. Lag bolts need to be pinned or brazed once installed.
• Shall have a ceiling of same materials, or erected to reach the structural ceiling of the building. Our system uses the same panels in walls and ceilings. Furthermore, our system is so strong panels can be stacked between posts to reach most any building ceiling. D.E.A. regulation does not allow gaps between the enclosure and the building structure. Angle frame panels can be made with cutouts to fit your building structure, or they can be modified in the field by the installer.
• Panels mount flush to floor. A simple modification to the whole layout on our stock posts eliminates the sweep space allowing flush to floor mounting of the panels as required for this application.

We offer these features plus years of experience providing approved enclosures to the drug industry. Let us help with your next project. Call 800-763-9020 for a free consultation.