Wire Tenant Storage Lockers

48″ W. x 48″ D. x 90″ H. (2 TIER) Wire Lockers. New. 2″ x 2″ x 10 Gauge Welded Wire Mesh. Padlock Lugs Only. Includes Ceiling. Color: Gray. Part Number: 484890-WL

Notes: No backs. Est. Lead Time: 4-5 weeks. Ships FOB: Louisville, KY 40214

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If you’re a tenant (or employee), you’re going to appreciate the quality and size of these wire lockers!

These wire lockers are most commonly used in apartment complexes and multi-family buildings. They secure resident’s personal items. Take an unused space in the basement and create an organized and secure storage area. Tenant storage lockers allow tenants to store large items efficiently.

Wire storage lockers are also great for offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Anywhere you have a need for secured storage. They secure employee items and company equipment. The wire partitions allow for visibility of store goods. Their modular design allows you to purchase them individually or in groups.

These are a great addition for your employees because they can focus on their work instead of worrying about their belongings. They might like to leave things overnight, like parts of work uniforms that they need on a daily basis. These can also be used for employees that aren’t allowed to carry cell phones or personal belongings on the jobsite.

Wire storage lockers have an open and secure design. The wire mesh allows for existing lighting to shine through but most importantly allows for ventilation. Fire Marshall’s like this product because it is all steel and wire mesh which allows for fire sprinklers to work better.

Tenant storage lockers help to secure items. Not only do these help to keep your items safe and secure, they help to keep you safe and secure. Keeping items off the floor is important on a day-to-day basis to prevent tripping, but it’s especially important in the case of an emergency.

Tenant storage lockers also help to increase organization. You can create a locker for employee equipment or supplies so everyone knows where to find work materials. The visibility makes it easy to see what you’re looking for.

Wire lockers give you the ventilation you need. There is nothing worse than damp confined storage of solid storage lockers!

Wire Lockers Features:
• Two basic styles, single or double tier.
• Stock sizes: 7’ 6″ tall, 3’ or 4’ wide, 3’, 4’, or 5’ deep.
• Pad lock lugs, with door strikes standard.
• Constructed of industrial grade materials.
• May be used individually or in a group.
• Styles may be mixed within a group.
• Easy installation-just two sections per locker, wall panel and door panel.
• Approval and Erection drawings supplied with each order.

Standard Wire Storage Locker:
Single Tier Wire Lockers – Convenient, walk in, single tier lockers are ideal for most storage areas.