Driver Entry & Building Access Security Check Point Cages

6′ wide x 6′ deep x 8′-5-1/4″ high Small Driver Access Cage. New. 3- Sided. NO ceiling, 3′ wide x 7′ high hinged door with push bar, service window and shelf. Weight: 800 LBS. Part Number: WC-DAC-6-6-NC

8′ wide x 10′ deep x 8′-5-1/4″ high Large Driver Access Cage. New. 3- Sided. Includes ceiling, 3′ wide x 7′ high hinged door with push bar, service window and shelf. Weight: 1020 LBS. Part Number: WC-DAC-8-10-C


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Driver Access Cages increase security in your warehouse or distribution center – and with today’s heightened threat level you can’t take any chances!

Driver Access Cages help secure your warehouse. They prevent truck drivers and visitors from walking into forklift traffic areas and work zones. The warehouse security cages come standard with a standard 3′ x 7′ hinged door with push bar, service window and shelf to provide the driver with a shelf to sign and pick up paperwork.

Warehouse security cages have become so popular that we keep them in stock and can ship them in 1 week. The price we quote includes free delivery to your dock. These driver cages are made with our standard wire mesh security partitions. Wire mesh security cages are very easy to install.

Any warehouse and distribution center needs to secure inventory and protect against accidents but when it comes to the shipping and receiving area, security is often overlooked. It’s hard to monitor delivery drivers, visitors and service providers. Driver cages allow you to secure your facility and protect your inventory and more importantly your employees.

In the old days salespeople were trained to go in the back door of the warehouse to get past the receptionist. You usually received a warm welcome. Times have changed. You can’t risk having salespeople or customers roaming through your warehouse. The could get hit by a forklift. The time is now to secure your facility with wire mesh security partitions.

Driver access cages secure entry points of warehouses and distribution centers! Be sure you know who is coming and going in your facility!

Warehouse Security Cages Have these 4 Benefits:

1. Monitor and Control Guest Access – You have tons of valuable inventory in your warehouse. It’s essential to keep track of everyone entering your facility so you can protect your bottom line. This is also a way to keep anyone who intends to cause harm out of your facility. A warehouse security cage provides a point where you can check everyone’s identification before allowing them full access to the facility.
2. Protect Visitors from Forklift Traffic and Dangerous Machinery – Wire cages help to protect your visitors and keep them safe. This prevents them from accidentally walking into a dangerous area where they could be severely injured. This helps keep them safe and also helps to keep machine operators safe. It could be extremely dangerous for them to have to make an emergency stop because of an authorized person in the way.
3. Protect Inventory & Employee’s – These cages help to protect two essential parts of your operation: products and personnel. Keep employees out of the path of forklifts or other machinery. These also provide a secure place for your inventory!
4. Acts As an Employee Entrance and Emergency Exit – In the case of an emergency, you want your employees to be able to exit the facility quickly and safely. Wire cages also provide a place for employee check-in each day.