Single Folding Scissor Dock Gate for Warehouses

8′ to 9′ Wide x 7′ Collapsed Ht. (6.5′ In Use Ht.)   Single Steel Folding Dock Gate. New. Single folding warehouse door gate pulls from one side to other. Gate is 3″ off ground. Made of heavy duty steel U-channels riveted back to back using aluminum aircraft quality rivets. Heavy Duty vertical 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” steel angles, with 5/8″ drop pin and 2” casters. Gates lock using padlock hasp. Galvanized Finish. Weight: 85 LBS. Part Number: SSG970

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 3-5 days. FOB: Chicago, IL.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Single folding dock gates prevent your deliveries from getting stolen off the dock by dock pirates. They protect your inventory from being pilfered and most importantly protect your employee’s from unwanted intruders.

When do you want choose a single folding warehouse door gate over a double folding gate to secure dock doors in your warehouse or distributions center? A single folding dock gate is your best option when you have obstructions on one side. When there is something obstructing one of the sides of the dock door that prevents you from mounting the gate on both sides. Otherwise I would recommend using a double folding gate to secure a dock door because a double folding gate is stronger and more rigid than a single folding warehouse door gate.

A single folding warehouse door gate is very easy to use in that it pulls from one side to the other. It is recommended of openings that are up to 12′ in width. You have your choice of inside mount or outside mount using the same “L” bracket. The L bracket forms a hinge that allows the gate to pivot in and out of the opening. The gate can swing out of the opening allowing full unobstructed access.

Folding dock gates are designed to install on concrete floors. The bottom of the gate hinges on a pin and bearing washer that is set into a pre-drilled hole in the floor. The top of the gate hinges on an “L” bracket that is bolted into the wall or door frame. If you are installing the gate inside the overhead dock doors and you need to clear bollards or other obstructions we can offer 6″ or 9″ extension brackets.

Installing a single folding dock gate is easy ad offers you lots of options. You can install it in the recess of the door frame or it can be installed on the inside or outside wall next to the door opening. Installing the door is a two person job. We just warn you to not set the gate on it’s wheels before install as it may run off on you. And the biggest warning we can offer is to keep your fingers out of the diamond shaped webbing when opening and closing the door or they may get pinched and that really hurts.

Single folding warehouse door gates can be used for securing docks, doorways, overhead drive in doors, aisleways, pallet rack aisles, store fronts and windows. Wherever you need to increase safety and security. They are very flexible in their usage and easy to install.

Single folding warehouse door gates pull from one side to the other. The standard is that they pull from the left and lock on the right if you are standing inside. When the gate is extended there are drop pins that drop down into pre-drilled holes that give the gave strength and rigidity. Keep in mind that we do offer an option if you want the gate to pull from the right and lock on the left – just ask.

Your single folding dock gate may seem rigid and stiff at first but trust us. After you’ve opened and closed it many times it will loosen up. Remember to always lift the drop pin when opening and closing the gate to keep it from dragging across the floor. Now that you are done with the install you can enjoy having the safety, security and fresh air associated with having a folding scissor warehouse door gate.