Double Folding Scissor Gates for Warehouse Roll Up Doors

14′ Wide x 7′ Collapsed Ht. (6.5′ In Use Ht.) Double Steel Folding Gate. New. Dual folding gates meet in the middle. Gate is 3″ off ground. Manufactured of heavy duty steel U-channels that are riveted back to back using aluminum aircraft quality rivets. Heavy Duty vertical 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ steel angles, with 5/8″ drop pin and 2″ steel swivel casters. Gates lock using padlock hasp. Galvanized Finish. Weight: 116 LBS. Part Number: PFG1470

NOTES: Est. Lead Time, Ships in 3-4 business days. FOB: Chicago, IL.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Double folding gates (AKA Pair Gates) secure warehouse roll up doors, drive-in doors and garage doors without sacrificing security and air circulation. Many warehouses and garages don’t have air conditioning so it is important in the summer to be able to open the doors, let the fresh air circulate without having to worry about intruders.

Heavy duty folding gates are sold in pairs that mount to each side of the opening offering maximum rigidity and strength. They help you secure your openings, protect your products and equipment from being stolen and more importantly protects the safety of your employees. It’s hard to monitor delivery drivers, customers, visitors, service supplier that randomly walk in the back door but you must protect them from accidents.

We offer a 14′ wide x 7′ high double folding gate (Part Number SSG970) that is perfect for standard roll-up drive in warehouse doors. We can also provide double folding gates in other sizes. It is important to remember that not all double folding gates fit all openings. We have folding gate pairs that fit the following in-use opening widths: 6′-8′, 8′-10′, 10′-12′, 12′-14′, 14′-16′, 16′-18′, 18′-20′ and 20′-24′. Simply measure the width of your opening and give us a call at 800-763-9020.

Folding security gates secure entry points of your warehouse and distribution center and allow you to monitor and control guest access. It protects visitors from coming into contact with dangerous machinery and forklift traffic while protecting your inventory and employees. By having a security gate on your man doors, dock doors, roll out drive in doors it forces visitors to enter through the front entrance door.

We are proud to say that when you purchase a door gate, single folding gate or double folding gate from Warehouse Rack & Shelf you will be assured great customer service from a knowledgeable and well trained sales staff. We will offer you the lowest prices and highest quality gates in the industry.

Our gates are 100% American made and have an attractive, durable and rust resistant galvanized finish. Custom paint colors are also available. Estimated lead time is 2-3 working days to ship for standard gates and 7-14 days for custom sizes.