Double Folding Scissor Gates for Warehouse Dock Doors

10′ Wide x 6.5′ Collapsed Ht. (6′ In Use Ht.) Double Steel Folding Warehouse Security Gate. New. Dual folding loading dock gates meet in the middle. Gate is 3″ off ground. Manufactured of heavy duty steel U-channels that are riveted back to back using aluminum aircraft quality rivets. Heavy Duty vertical 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ steel angles, with 5/8″ drop pin and 2″ steel swivel casters. Gates lock using padlock hasp. Galvanized Finish. Weight: 95 LBS. Part Number: PFG 1065

NOTES: Est. Lead time: 3-5 days. FOB: Chicago, IL.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Double folding warehouse security gates secure dock doors without sacrificing air circulation or visibility!

Double folding loading dock gates protect delivered packages on your dock and inventory from theft from dock pirates. More importantly they protect your warehouse personnel from unwanted visitors. Secure the dock doors, roll up drive-in doors, garage doors, receiving doors, man doors, hallways, aisleways, entrances, exits and all openings of your warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing facility with double folding dock gates.

Keep in mind that not all double folding gates fit all openings. We have a double folding gate (Part Number PFG1065) that is perfect for securing a standard 8′ wide x 9′ high dock door opening. It has an 8′ – 10′ in-use width. We also have double folding gates that are designed for openings that are 6′-8′, 10′-12′, 12′-14′, 14′-16′, 16′-18′, 18′-20′, we can even provide double folding gates that can cover up to a 20′-24′ wide opening.

Heavy duty double folding scissor warehouse security gates are the preferred choice of securing dock doors – more so than single folding loading dock gates. The double folding dock gate is considered the “Go-To” gate for security. But in order to use double folding loading dock gates both sides of your dock be clear of obstructions. The dual dock gates mount on both sides of the opening and expand and meet in the middle.

Double folding warehouse security gates also known as pair gates can be installed virtually anywhere. You have the option of installing them inside “jam mount” or outside “face mount.” You can be sure that the gates will collapse and pivot 90 degrees up to 180 degrees out of the way to allow unobstructed access which is important for a dock door opening. So they move completely out of the way leaving opening completely clear of obstructions.

What could be more important than the safety and security of your employees and your facility? With todays heightened threat levels you can’t take any chances. You can’t risk having salespeople, customers or unknown individuals wander into your warehouse. There is far too much liability. They could get hit by a forklift. Folding warehouse security gates secure entry and exit points in your facility.
Safety Consideration: When in the extended position, dock gates prevent people and equipment from falling off the dock.